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Walletless Onboarding and Hybrid Custody Solution

Wallet-less onboarding refers to a process by which users can access and use digital services or platforms without the need to create or link a traditional wallet or payment account. This concept is particularly relevant in the context of financial technology (FinTech), digital services, and e-commerce. Wallet-less onboarding aims to streamline the user experience and remove barriers to entry, ultimately increasing user adoption and engagement.

miniorange img  What is Wallet-less Onboarding?

Wallet-less Onboarding is the process of creating new users in a blockchain-based application, without the pre-condition of possessing a crypto wallet. Allow your users to sign up on your Dapp in the traditional Web2 way, using a username and password, while simultaneously creating a custody wallet for them in the backend. The custody wallet is a wallet created by your blockchain platform for a user. It is created at the time of sign up of the user. In a custody wallet, the platform manages the private key of the user. All blockchain transactions that a user wishes to perform are done by the platform. This way, a user gets to utilize the Web3 functionality without directly signing and initiating transactions.

Reduce friction in your blockchain application. Compared to other Web3 Onboarding methods, the traditional Web2 Onboarding methods have the advantage of being secure, familiar and extensive. With Wallet-less Onboarding, your Dapp will provide a seamless signing up experience to new users, as the barrier to entry of having a crypto wallet is removed.

miniorange img  How does Wallet-less Onboarding work?

While signing up to a platform, your users will be able to register using the traditional Web2 login. In the background, a web3 custodial wallet (app wallet) shall be created for them and linked to their web2 account. This wallet will function as the interface for all their blockchain assets on your Dapp.

Wallet-less Onboarding is the smoothest Web3 Onboarding experience yet. Using this, you can sign up users on your Dapp without having them own a crypto wallet. This reduces onboarding friction and results in smoother and effortless adoption of your Dapp. Wallet-less Onboarding is a step towards letting your users adopt Web3 in stages, rather than bombarding them with new information at the time of sign up.

Walletless Onboarding and Hybrid Custody Solution
Walletless Onboarding and Hybrid Custody Solution

miniorange img  What is Hybrid Custody?

Hybrid Custody is the state of crypto custody where the user’s crypto assets are managed through a platform generated app wallet, as well as a self-custodial wallet. Within the Dapp, all blockchain operations are performed by the app wallet. This provides a seamless UI experience for the user. In time, once the user is familiar with the blockchain ecosystem, they have the option to claim their assets. This is done via Account Linking. The user can link their self-custodial wallet (like MetaMask) with their app wallet. This enables them full control over their crypto assets. They will be able to continue using the Dapp while having the option to utilize their tokens on an external platform.

miniorange img  Benefits of Wallet-less Onboarding

  • Familiar UI and Usage: Wallet-less Onboarding as a Web3 Onboarding method reduces friction in your application. Users are able to onboard and use a Dapp in a seamless way with little to no experience of blockchain required. This increases usability and registrations.
  • Traditional Payment: Any transaction that occurs on the blockchain is abstracted through the app wallet. The end user only needs to pay in fiat currency.
  • Blockchain Abstraction: The users need not be familiar with Blockchain concepts and lingo. They can essentially perform all the functions in your Dapp without the hassle of creating and maintaining a crypto wallet.
  • Blockchain Benefits: Users blockchain assets are linked to their app wallet. They can claim ownership of these assets at any time by linking their wallet and delegating ownership of their app wallet.
  • Hybrid Custody: Hybrid Wallets allow users to maintain real asset ownership while simplifying usage experience through app custody.

miniorange img  Frequently Asked Questions

We provide support for Crypto Wallet and Wallet-less Onboarding in several blockchains like Polygon, Ethereum, Solana and Algorand. If your blockchain is not listed, feel free to drop us a mail at mentioning your use case. We will estimate the amount of effort required and provide you with the best solution possible.

The user will sign up for your platform using a username and password. In the background, a web3 wallet will be created and assigned to them. This will serve as their app wallet. All blockchain transactions that they perform will be done through this app wallet. Any crypto assets that they wish to transact will also be linked to this wallet.

Your users can connect their app wallet with their self-custody wallet (ex: MetaMask). By doing this, their NFTs from the platform will now reflect in their self-custodial wallet, and they can go to any other NFT Marketplace and sell their NFT.

Yes. Through hybrid custody, their app wallet and self-custody wallet will be linked. Therefore, both these wallets will act as one. Your user will be able to continue to use your platform after selling their NFTs on a third party platform as it will reflect in their app wallet instantly.

Wallet-less Onboarding is supported by us on all the major blockchains that we support such as Polygon, Ethereum, Solana etc. However, for the full functionality of Hybrid Custody, we support the Flow blockchain.

Yes. Through Wallet-less Onboarding, your users will be assigned an app wallet at the time of sign up. Any NFTs they buy/earn on your platform will be transferred to this wallet. They will be able to own and view all their blockchain assets via their app wallet.

Yes, your users will be able to connect their self-custodial wallets (like MetaMask) with their app wallet. This will enable them to claim their NFTs and use them on any third party website.

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