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What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker for Web 3.0?

Portfolio Tracking is a concept of checking the current status and performance of a bunch of investments in a single view. In the domain of Web 3.0, a Portfolio Tracker is meant to provide real-time updates on your crypto investments and current values of the cryptocurrencies you own and the NFTs demands on an NFT Marketplace.

The Portfolio Tracker also shows the current gas fees as well. For example, for the Ethereum Blockchain, the Web 3.0 Portfolio Tracker will show the current gas fees for the Fastest, Safe, and Average gas fees pricing. These gas fees also change in real-time and the Portfolio Tracker updates this for the users.

Benefits of using the Web 3.0 Portfolio Tracker for WordPress

WordPress Web3 Portfolio Tracker | Track Crypto and NFT Portfolio

Real Time Asset Value

Get real-time updates on the current value of your crypto and NFT investments.

WordPress Web3 Portfolio Tracker | Track Crypto and NFT Portfolio

Gas Fee Pricing

You can also now see the current gas fees for Fastest, Safe, and Average, required for minting.

WordPress Web3 Portfolio Tracker | Track Crypto and NFT Portfolio

Investment Distribution

You can also view the split of your total investment across Cryptocurrencies to check profits and losses.

WordPress Web3 Portfolio Tracker | Track Crypto and NFT Portfolio

Multiple Blockchain Support

Our solution is highly versatile and we support multiple blockchains, to track your investments across blockchains and cover all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A portfolio tracker is a tool for showing you a visualization of your current investment portfolio, that lets you gain insights and make investment decisions just by getting an overview of your current investments status.

We do support NFT trading in the NFT Marketplace where you can buy, sell and transfer NFTs. Crypto trading will be soon supported in portfolio plugin.

We support Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Cardano, XRPL, Polygon, Cardano, Algorand, Polkadot, Avalanche, and a lot more. If you do not see your blockchain listed here, reach out to us and our team will get back to you with an update.

The Web 3.0 Portfolio Tracker feature is available in our All-Inclusive Plan, as an Add-On. You can learn more by checking out our Web3 pricing plans. For more information on our product features and pricing, feel free to shoot us an email at and we will get right back to you to answer all your questions.

Yes, the license is perpetual and the Support Plan is valid for 12 months. Along with support from the development team, you also get version updates. You can renew the support plan after 12 months at 50% subscription of the current license cost. Check more.

Yes, we provide 24*7 support from our development team. Any issue you face while using the plugin will be resolved by our team. You are given a choice to opt for a support plan. To know more, click here.

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