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Configure Web3 authentication plugin with Joomla

Web3 authentication plugin allows for Secure Login with a secure decentralized system into your Joomla website using blockchain wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect QR code, Phantom, Pera, Ledger, and Trezor or any EVM Compatible Wallet and restricts access to content based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

Steps to configure Joomla Web3 Plugin

1. Download and setup Joomla Web3 Plugin

  • Login into your Joomla Administrator console.
  • From the menu, click on System, then under Install section click on Extensions.
  • Downlaod and Intall Joomla Web3 plugin
  • Here click on Upload Package file from the options and click Or browse for file button to locate and install the plugin file downloaded earlier.
  • Install the Joomla Web3 Plugin from your computer
  • Once Installation of plugin is successful click on Start Using miniOrange Web3 plugin.
  • Start Using miniOrange Web3 plugin

2. Configure Joomla Web3

miniorange img   2.1 Metamask wallet:

  • Go to the Configure settings tab. Now enable the Metamask option from the Enable Web3 User Login section and enter the text for the Custom Login Button Text field and click on Save.
  • Configure Joomla web3 - Enable Metamask

    Make sure you have installed and set up the Metamask wallet extension on your browser. To setup Metamask wallet in the plugin you can follow the steps below:-

  • Click on the Test Web3 Connectivity button in the Configure settings tab.
  • Joomla Web3 - Test Web3 Connectivity
  • You will see a pop-up with the wallets you have selected to configure. Here click on Metamask wallet icon.
  • Joomla Web3 - Test Web3 Connectivity
  • It will open the Metamask Wallet window. Now click on the Sign button.
  • Configure Metamask Wallet - Joomla web3 Authentication
  • If your connections have been set up successfully then you will see the following window.
  • Configure Web3 - connections windows
  • Now go to the front end of your Joomla site and click on the Login with your Crypto Wallets button. It will open a Pop-up of your configured wallets. Click on the icon of your wallet. It will again open your wallet where you can click on the Sign button. Once the user has been authenticated and the signature has been verified the user will be logged in( if they are already registered on the Joomla site) or registered(if they are new to the Joomla site) using the wallet address on your Joomla site.

miniorange img   2.2 WALLET CONNECT:

  1. Install and setup Wallet Connect extension on your browser if you have not set up yet.
  2. Go to Configure Settings tab enable the Wallet Connect option.
  3. Enter the Text like Login with your Crypto Wallets in the Custom Login Button Text field. It will show the button on the front end of your Joomla site. Now click on the Save button.
  4. Joomla web3 - Enable the Wallet Connect
  5. Now click on the Test Web3 Connectivity button.
  6. Joomla web3 - Test Web3 Connectivity
  7. It will open a pop-up, here click on the Wallect Connect icon. It will open the following window.
  8. Joomla web3 - Test Web3 Connectivity
  9. Select the desktop option and then select your preferred wallet(for example- Zerion).
  10. Now go to the QR Code option from the Wallet Connect window of your desktop.
  11. Next install the Zerion App on your mobile.
  12. Open the Zerion app on your mobile and click on the Add Wallet.
  13. Now click on the New wallet.
  14. Scan the QR code from your desktop.
  15. The configuration has been set successfully.
  16. On the front end of your Joomla site click on Login with Crypto Wallets button and a pop up will appear.
  17. Click on the Wallet icon, now you will be asked to Sign in on your mobile app.
  18. Click on the Sign button now you will be logged into your Joomla site.

miniorange img   2.3 COINBASE WALLET:

  • Install and set up the Coinbase Wallet extension on your browser. The rest procedure for coin base wallets is the same as Metamask. It might throw errors on browsers like Brave so you can try with the setup on Chrome or other different browsers.

3. Group Mapping

  • Go to the Group Mapping tab. Enable the Check this option if you want to enable the Group Mapping checkbox.
  • Select the Group name which you would like to assign your users while creating/login users on the Joomla site using your Wallet address.
  • Configure Joomla web3 - Add Group Mapping in Web3

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    If you face any issues or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at . In case you want some additional features to be included in the plugin, please get in touch with us, and we can get that custom-made for you. Also, if you want, we can also schedule an online meeting to help you setup the Joomla Web3 plugin.

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