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Convert WooCommerce To Mobile App | WordPress WooCommerce Mobile App

Convert WooCommerce To Mobile App | WordPress WooCommerce Mobile App

Woocommerce is the biggest open source ecommerce platform which is used by millions of people to bring their store online. Are you one of those users who have their store hosted online on WooCommerce? If you do have a store on WooCommerce and you want to increase your sales by providing comfort to your customers by implementing mobile app for WooCommerce store and not restricting to WordPress desktop website only, then you must have an mobile app for WooCommerce where your users can browse the same contents as of your WordPress WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Product Sync
By miniOrange

Import Products from External APIs / Supplier Inventory automatically. Automate syncing products, items and listings and create/ update WooCommerce products from these items for your WooCommerce store.

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WooCommerce Mobile App Integration

    1. Why Convert WooCommerce to Mobile Application?

      A mobile application helps you to connect directly with your customers. With mobile application integration with WooCommerce you will be able to send push notifications to your customers which have a higher click rate than promotion emails. Carts are often abandoned unattended and remain unordered but with a mobile application for WooCommerce store, you can remind your users/customers about their unordered cart items. It’s easy to order using a mobile application where you can auto-fill user data in forms and checkouts are smooth and quick.

    2. How to Convert WooCommerce website to mobile application?

      When you create a mobile app for WooCommerce store, then mobile application users can see the same listed products, options for login and register and also make purchases and see their order history. Checkout will be within 30 seconds and the experience will be smooth. In order to achieve these functionalities on your mobile app WordPress WooCommerce REST APIs allows us to extend your WordPress store and create mobile app for WooCommerce store.

      WooCommerce Login and Registration in Mobile App

      There are endpoints provided by WooCommerce WordPress website through which you can fetch and modify data but by default the WordPress API endpoints are insecure. It is easy to access the WooCommerce database for the hackers or users with malicious intent, so in order to secure these endpoints we must use WordPress REST API Authentication which will allow you to authenticate the APIs based on the WooCommerce customers. With the help of WordPress REST API Authentication, the communication between your WooCommerce site and mobile app will be secured with protected endpoints. We need to configure the OAuth 2.0 authentication method for the same. The best part about mobile app WooCommerce integration is that you don't need to maintain two separate databases for your website and mobile application as your mobile application will be accessing your wordpress database and the connection will be secure without compromising the endpoints.

      We know how much popularity smartphones are gaining and to let your customers have a seamless shopping experience on your WooCommerce site, your business must have a mobile app for WooCommerce store where your customers can browse, order, etc from your product inventory. WordPress REST API authentication will bring the same experience that your customers have on your wp/ WooCommerce site into mobile application with security and protected api communication. The authentication is done by passing user specific access /jwt token.If you want to protect your WordPress WooCommerce REST APIs using the JWT token, our WordPress REST API Authentication itself will issue the JWT token and works as an API Authenticator to protect your REST APIs.

WooCommerce REST APIs

    1. What are WooCommerce REST APIs? How does WooCommerce REST API endpoints useful ?

      Wordpress is one of the leading content management systems and a very powerful tool if we use it to its full potential. One such plugin is the WooCommerce plugin which makes your simple wp site an ecommerce site. Woocommerce REST API can be used to perform the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on your database through the endpoints. If you want to convert WooCommerce to mobile application and allow your end-users (customers) to be able to access your WordPress WooCommerce ecommerce site from a mobile application then you can take advantage of WooCommerce REST APIs to fetch and modify data on WooCommerce database. The WooCommerce REST API functionality lets you take full service of the ecommerce site. WooCommerce REST API leads to universality which means you can make your site interact with other services and websites. For example, if you have a store on WooCommerce and you have to send data (payment details) to some other agency (government offices, analysts, etc), then WooCommerce REST apis will help you achieve that.

      By utilizing WooCommerce REST APIs, following objectives can be achieved:

    • Easy to convert WooCommerce to mobile application.
    • WooCommerce content can be easily accessed or modified via WC REST API endpoints from an external platforms or mobile apps.
    • Data synchronization is easy and in real-time.

    2. WooCommerce REST API Integration Features

      WooCommerce Login and Registration in Mobile App
    • Fetching Woocommerce Product list: If you have say n number of products listed on your WordPress WooCommerce ecommerce site and then you decide to convert WooCommerce to mobile application. The product details on WooCommerce website will be fetched and displayed on the mobile app so that customer doesn’t miss anything in his wonderful experience. This Woocommerce /wp-json/wc/v3/products endpoint provided here can be used along with plugins authentication method.
    • Customer Registration on Woocommerce application: If your user registers on WooCommerce site or on mobile application, their registration data will be maintained at a single wordpress database which eliminates the need of having two user registration databases. So a single database will suffice your needs for both the website and application. So, if a user registers on Woocommerce site in mobile application, then that user can be created automatically in WordPress database, then using the single set of credentials he can login and access both the platforms. WordPress HTTP POST /users endpoint provided here can be used but requires authentication which is provided by the plugin.
    • Customer Login on Woocommerce/ Wp site and mobile application: If your website has a login form and the same is shown on your mobile application then users will be able to login on both of them with the same set of credentials. Our plugin provides the Woocommerce login REST API endpoint (/wp-json/api/v1/token), using which, you can validate your users login to the mobile Woocommerce store app. Example - If you have a login form on your Woocommerce mobile app, which allows users to enter their same Woocommerce site credentials. Once user enter their credentials and hit the submit/login button, then our plugin’s login API can be called with user credentials passed in the API request body, our plugin will validate those user credentials and provide you with the validation response status with appreciate message, using this you can allow user to get logged in or show an error message.
    • Specific user order list based on the login section: If you use default Woocommerce API when used to fetch order list or Woocommerce purchase history, we will get data of all the customers rather than a particular customer unless you specify user’s ID. But as you are using a mobile app, you won’t be able to get the user’s ID which will be a concern as unless you have user ID, you will not be able to access the user specific content. So, in this scenario, our REST API Authentication plugin helps you out. With the plugin, you can generate the highly secure user specific token, and need to pass with the Woocommerce /orders API endpoint request, the plugin will automatically provide you with the list of products specific to that user only.

    3. How miniOrange REST API Authentication plugin authenticate Woocommerce REST APIs

    1. For Login in Woocommerce site in mobile app using WordPress credentials:

      Step 1: Configure the password grant OAuth 2.0 authentication method and make the below request for customer login

      WooCommerce Login and Registration in Mobile App

      Step 2: Make the Below login REST API request to validate user credentials

      cur-d grant_type=password&username=<wordpress_username>&password=<wordpress_password>&client_id=<client_id>" -X POST https://<wp_base_url>/wp-json/api/v1/token

      On successful login or user authentication, you will get the following response with the access token / jwt token.

      Status: 200  {

      If there is submission of invalid user credentials then an error message along with that appropriate status code will be returned in the API response.

    2. Use the Bearer access token/JWT token to access all the WordPress REST API endpoints from mobile app including that provided by Woocommerce.

      Once you have the access token/id_token(JWT token), you can create the user session in the mobile application and use this to authenticate the Woocommerce and Wordpress REST API endpoints access from your Woocommerce mobile app.

      To access the resources for WooCommerce, we can use the WooCommerce REST APIs

      You need to make the request in the below format, and it will give you the details.

          curl -H"Authorization: Bearer < token >" -XGET

      Please note that as you are using our plugin’s authentication method security, you won’t be required to use the sensitive Woocommerce default authentication to prevent data leak.

      Recommended plugin: Rest api authentication : WordPress REST API Authentication plugin secures/protects the rest API access from unauthorized access and protects WP REST API endpoints from public access with security methods like API Key Authentication, JWT Token Authentication, Basic Authentication, OAuth 2.0 Authentication or any other Third Party OAuth 2.0/OIDC/Firebase provider’s Token authentication Methods.It also allows you to log in and register to WordPress REST APIs using any authentication method from mobile (android/iOS), desktop application etc.

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Convert WooCommerce To Mobile App

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