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WordPress Federation Single Sign-On (SSO)

 Federation-SSO Integrator | Federation-SSO Integrator SAML SSO | Federation-SSO SAML Plugin

Key Features

Compatible with popular federations.

Easy to configured with federation services such as Incommon, HAKA, HKAF federations

Supports Discovery Flow

Log in to the WordPress site by selecting your University from your Federation's discovery list.

Our Customers

Pre-Integrated Federation Services

Note: Federation Single Sign-On (SSO) Addon is included in All Inclusive version of WordPress SAML SSO Plugin along with other addons.


Easy to integrate

Enable Federation Single Sign-On (SSO) for WordPress Sites using SAML 2.0 authentication with any compliant Identity Providers with easy configuration.

Easy of use

Students have the ability to choose their university during login and authenticate using their university credentials.

Convenience and Accessibility

Have to install and configure only once with one-click setup. Very useful for hosting providers like WP-Engine which do not allow the installation of any external software to the server..

Improved Productivity

Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) can simplify the login process for WordPress sites increasing the organizational productivity by reducing multiple application logins.


Get access to WordPress sites using Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) making user experience quicker, simpler, and more convenient in a cost-beneficial manner.

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Guide to configure Federation Single Sign-On (SSO) addon with federation services

idp_sso_image1Follow the step by step guide for using the add-on

  • Navigate to the Federation SSO submenu to access the Federation Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration.
  • You can simply enable the pre-configured federation services such as Incommon, HAKA, HKAF federations.
  • You can also configure the plugin with any other federation by simply providing the Federation name and its discovery Service URL.
  • For most federations, you can simply enable the Use Default Parameters option.
  • If your federation requires any specific parameters to be sent in the request to the discovery service URL, you can simply add the parameters in the provided fields.

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