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WordPress Integration with WooCommerce Zapier and Discord

WordPress Integration with WooCommerce Zapier and Discord

    Sync the data between Woocommerce and discord. Connect zapier with woocommerce to grow business and increase sales. Show custom fields from woocommerce orders/subscriptions into the zapier

    How it works?

    WordPress Discord integration allows you to map roles from your discord server to the WordPress user profile while Single Sign-On (SSO). Also, you can map WordPress user roles, subscriptions to your Discord server, you can add, delete, update members in your Discord server from the WordPress site and also map Discord Avatar to the WordPress user profile. To know more, click here.

    Use cases for Discord WordPress Integrator:

    Use Case 1: Link discord ID with the WooCommerce Variant subscription

  • Once a customer purchases a woocommerce subscription, the customer will get a button to link the discord account with that subscription. On clicking the button, the customer will be shown a screen to authorize the request to access his discord profile.
  • After the successful authentication, discord ID will be mapped as subscription metadata. This discord ID metadata field will be shown in the admin backend order/subscription details.
  • The newly added discord ID field will be shown in zapier along with all other subscription metadata fields.
    • 1. Discord account link button on woocommerce subscription purchase

      WooCommerce WordPress Integration - discord link button on woocommerce purchase

      2. Discord ID as a woocommerce subscription metadata field

      WooCommerce WordPress Integration - subscription details
Use Case 2: Handling Subscription Based Access to the Discord channels from WordPress:

  • If you manage subscriptions for users in your WordPress site, you can provide the subscription to the members in your Discord server based on that WordPress subscription.
  • This will need customization based on how you manage subscriptions in WordPress. Eg. You provide various services on the WordPress site based on the subscription level purchased and you also want to assign roles of your discord server based on that subscription.
  • In this case, subscription can be managed using various plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions, Memberpress, etc. So, we need to handle events specific to the plugin.

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