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Salesforce Job Listing on WordPress | Real-Time Job Sync Between Salesforce and WordPress

Salesforce offers a great way to store different types of information through custom objects and fields tailored to your needs. However, businesses often want this data to show up on their WordPress websites for customers to see. To make this happen, we need to keep the data synchronized between Salesforce and WordPress.

That's where the Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin comes in handy. It lets you sync data between Salesforce objects and WordPress posts, whether they're custom or standard. Plus, you can schedule these syncs to happen at intervals you choose. This ensures that the data displayed on your WordPress site is always up-to-date with the latest info from Salesforce.


In this case, the user has a WordPress site along with other platforms for job posting which can be done if a company registers on their site. The user wants to achieve real-time sync of jobs from WordPress to Salesforce. In addition, the user also aims to pull data from the Salesforce jobs object into WordPress which is synchronized with Salesforce from their other platforms. Read further to get a clear understanding of exactly what this solution achieves.


Real-Time Sync from WordPress to Salesforce: The registered companies and their subsequent job postings are to be synced into Salesforce as Accounts and custom object jobs upon creation in WordPress.

Real-Time Sync existing data from Salesforce to WordPress: The user has set up the sync of jobs from other platforms to Salesforce object jobs. Data from the Salesforce jobs object should be synced to WordPress in real time to keep the WordPress site up to date with job postings.

Components Involved

  • WP Object Data Sync for Salesforce: This plugin enables real-time data synchronization between WordPress and Salesforce. It will handle syncing company registrations and job postings from WordPress to Salesforce, as well as pulling job data from Salesforce into WordPress.

WordPress Salesforce Object Sync | Sync Salesforce Objects bidirectionally with WordPress. Enable real-time sync, scheduled sync, Salesforce Sync with Workflows Automation, sync leads from WordPress to Salesforce, Salesforce ACF/CPT UI integrations, and more.

 Tested with 6.4


This solution solves two cases for the user:

  • It will incorporate real-time sync between Salesforce and WordPress to sync Company Registrations (Accounts) and Job Postings (Custom Object) which will be created in the form of Custom Post Type in WordPress to Salesforce. Both the account and custom object will be linked through a Salesforce Reference field.
  • The user has the same setup on other platforms for the details (companies and job postings) to be synced into Salesforce and the user will be able to sync these details from Salesforce to WordPress as Custom Post Type.

The flow can be divided into two cases as mentioned below:

Flow 1

    Salesforce Job Manager | First Workflow
  • Admin registers the company on the WP Site and it is stored as a Custom Post Type and synced immediately to Salesforce as an Account.
  • Whenever a job listing (also a CPT) is posted for that specific company or any registered company the posting itself is subsequently synced to Salesforce as a custom object.
  • Upon synchronization, the account and the custom object (job listing) are together linked via. Salesforce reference field.

Flow 2

Multiple platforms are linked to Salesforce which has the same setup as WordPress.

    Salesforce Job Manager | Second Workflow
  • Once a company is registered or a job is posted on any platform, the data is synced in real time to Salesforce.
  • This data is stored as Accounts (Companies) and Custom Objects (Job Listings) on Salesforce and linked using a Salesforce Reference Field.
  • The companies and job postings in Salesforce from other platforms are synced to WordPress and stored in the form of Custom Post Type.


    This solution provides a seamless integration between Salesforce and WordPress to achieve bi-directional real-time sync. It not only allows you to sync WordPress data to Salesforce but also extends the functionality in such a way that you synchronize data from Salesforce (which is acquired from other platforms) to WordPress in real time. With the help of the WordPress Object Data Sync from Salesforce, achieving Salesforce Integration becomes flawless, and this solution allows you to maintain your data at both ends without the hassle of manual work. If you have any custom requirements, please contact us at and we will help you achieve your use case.

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