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WordPress LMS and LDAP/AD Integrations

WordPress LMS and LDAP/AD Integration allows you to integrate your WordPress LMS website with your Active Directory / LDAP Server. Users can access the content on the LMS platform by entering their credentials stored in LDAP Server. We provide Integration with various LMS platforms such as LearnDash, Tutor LMS, Lifter LMS, LearnPress, MemberPress, Sensei LMS and many more.

Use Cases

Alex, a faculty manager at a large university, manages students training and development. He needed a solution to integrate an LMS platform into the existing Active Directory infrastructure, which manages student user accounts and LDAP group memberships. The miniOrange LDAP LMS Integration plugin helped him meet all his requirements, eliminating manual user addition and ensuring data synchronization between the LMS platform and Active Directory. With this plugin, Alex no longer needs to remove users manually from the LMS platform, as it takes care of the process automatically.


Looking for online exam proctoring for LMS ?

Online Exam Proctoring is a fully customizable plugin that can be used by educational institutions as well as corporations for monitoring candidates during online exams.Online invigilating can consist of several methods to keep the assessment fraud-proof, such as browsing limitation, real-time candidate monitoring, candidate verification, integration with popular LMS plugins,etc.

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Integrations We Provide

LDAP LMS Integration Plugin

LMS LDAP Integration allows you to enable LDAP login for users present in Active Directory / LDAP Server. The users will be assigned a specific department, course, etc in the third party LMS depending on which LDAP security groups they belong to. This integrated solution provides the bulk user information that can be synced at once from LDAP / Active Directory to the third party LMS.


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Features We Provide

On LDAP login assign users to appropriate courses or groups in third party LMS platform

Group Mapping

When an LDAP user login with their Active Directory credentials, they are automatically assigned to appropriate courses/groups in Third party LMS platform, based on their LDAP Group's membership and the configurations made in miniOrange LDAP LMS Integration plugin.

Bulk users sync from LDAP/Active directory and map to the groups or courses of third party lms

Bulk user Sync with LMS

Our miniOrange LDAP LMS Integration plugin allows to synchronize a large number of LDAP / Active Directory users at once. This is useful when you have a large number of LDAP users that need to be mapped to courses / groups of a Third Party LMS.

Onboard or offboard users from a group or course of a LMS platform

Onboarding / Offborarding of LDAP Users to Third Party LMS Courses / Groups

When a user is Offboarded from a course/ group of a LMS platform then they will be removed from the corresponding LDAP Security group based on configuration made in miniOrange LDAP LMS Integration plugin from Active Directory / LDAP Sever and vice versa.

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Our Popular Products

LDAP Active Directory login for intranet sites

LDAP/AD Login for Intranet Sites

LDAP/AD login for intranet sites plugin allows you to Login into a WordPress website using the credentials which are stored in your LDAP server/ Active Directory.

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WordPress LDAP Active Directory login for cloud and shared hosting platforms.

LDAP/AD Login for Shared Hosting

This plugin allows you to Login into a WordPress site hosted on a shared hosting platform using credentials stored in your LDAP server / Active Directory.

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Staff Employee business directory for active directory | Directory Search

Staff/Employee Business Directory Search

The directory search plugin Searches and displays the users present in your Active Directory / LDAP Server on a WordPress page using a shortcode. The users are displayed on the fly.

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WordPress login and user management plugin

WordPress Login and User Management

This plugin offers several functionalities, such as bulk user management, user redirection based on WordPress roles, user session management and many more.

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