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WordPress Media management & file restriction

Every WordPress user knows how disorganized WordPress media library folders becomes when you have to upload a lot of media files such as images, videos, audio, documents, etc. There is no functionality to organize the WordPress media library folders into categories for easy access. FileBird comes into play by allowing you to create folders to categorize your WordPress media file uploads. It organizes all of your files into folders for better media management without affecting the permalinks of the files.

miniOrange FileBird media restriction:

miniOrange provides integration with the WordPress file manager plugin like FileBird which is used to organize the WordPress media library folders with custom folders.

With miniOrange media restriction integration with FileBird, one can restrict the virtual folders created by the FileBird plugin.

Depending on the user's WordPress role, you can also limit access to the folder for public users and grant access to particular individuals.

It improves security by putting restrictions on specific files and directories and enabling effective WordPress media management while making it simpler for you to arrange your WordPress media library folders.

WordPress Media management & file restriction

miniOrange FileBird media restriction Use Case:

You may segregate individual media files, such as images or videos, and make them available for users holding specified roles with the help of a media management plugin (like File Bird).

For example, One has a partnership agreement in PDF format that they would like to share with the organization's senior department while limiting access to others.

To achieve this, we can use a media management plugin to create a folder and then place all the files inside it. Next, we can create a role that is assigned to the organization's senior employees.

We can now grant the senior position access to a certain folder. The partnership agreement PDF will now be only accessible to only senior employees of the company.

WordPress Media management & file restriction

miniOrange FileBird media restriction working flow:



WordPress Media Management - Create a folder with filebird

Create a folder in the media library of WordPress with the help of the FileBird plugin



WordPress Media Management - Add media to folder

Add the media to restrict the access from public users or grant access to the specific users.



WordPress Media Management - Enter folder to be restricted

Go to miniorange media restriction file bird add-on, Enter the folder name to restrict its access.



WordPress Media Management - Show rules for the configuration

Go to show rules tab, get rules as per your configuration.



WordPress Media Management - Upload rules in the file

Upload these rules in the files suggested in the plugin on your server end.

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