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What WordPress Media Management plugin can do?

Key Features

Organized media library

A WordPress media management plugin allows you to organize your website's media content efficiently by creating folders and subfolders. This feature helps you easily categorize and manage your images, videos, documents, and other media files, making finding them simpler. With this plugin, you can maintain a structured media library, improving the overall organization and accessibility of your website's content.

wordpress media management & restriction - organize library
wordpress media management & restriction - role based restriction

Role-based media restriction:

In addition to organizing your media, our plugin provides a role-based restriction feature allowing you to control access to the categorized folders and subfolders based on the WordPress user roles. By using this feature, the admin can specify which user roles have permission to view the files within those folders.” with “the admin has control to allow the access of a few specific media inside the WordPress Directory to a specific group of people.

Attribute-based media restrictions

With attribute-based media restrictions, you can limit access to folders within the WordPress media library based on user attributes i.e. user meta. With this feature, administrators can implement fine-grained access control policies, enhance security, and streamline content management processes. Admin can give access to the categorized media based on the user attributes.

wordpress media management & restriction - attr based restriction
wordpress media management & restriction - user analytics

User Analytics

User analytics feature provides administrators with detailed insights into download, upload, and delete attempts for media files on their site. By closely monitoring these activities, administrators can enforce access controls, and detect security threats. Each upload, download, and delete event is logged along with relevant metadata such as the uploader's email, file name, and access timestamp.

File Analytics

Using the File Analytics feature, it is possible to track the uploading and downloading of each file. There is a detailed log of the WordPress media files that provides information about the last update date, number of downloads, last access date, as well as the path to the corresponding files. This will allow the admin to observe which media is frequently accessed by the end users and which is not been accessed for a long time accordingly a marketing campaign run by an admin.

wordpress media management & restriction - file analytics
wordpress media management & restriction - shortcode library

Showcase media library on custom page

Using Shortcode admin can showcase the media library to the end users via a custom page. Users can see all the files of the media library by visiting a website page. We do support controlled access to the media library showcased to the end user. For example, a user can only see the files of the media library whose access is granted by the admin. A user can also upload media files from the UI to certain folders depending on the read-and-write access granted by the admin.

Use case of media restriction

Role Based Restriction

Imagine a financial firm that utilizes a WordPress site as a central hub for internal communications, document management, and collaboration among its employees. Within this organization, various departments handle sensitive financial information, client data, and proprietary research reports. To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of these documents, the firm implements the WordPress media management plugin.
By using the miniOrange media management plugin the firm restricted certain folders containing highly sensitive documents, such as client contracts or acquisition proposals, to specific authorized users, ensuring that only individuals with a legitimate need to know can access them.

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