WordPress Members Integrator

WP-Members Integrator

miniOrange Members Integrator maps the user attributes fetched from your Identity Provider with Members attributes


Key Features

SSO for Members users

Enable SSO on your WordPress site for your Members users

Members Attribute Mapping

Map the IdP user attributes to your user attributes in Members

Licensing Plans

Stand-alone version


idp_sso_image1miniOrange Members Integrator allows you to map the attributes received from the IDP to the Members user profile attributes.

  • Let’s say your IDP is sending the following attributes while performing SSO.
  • Note: You can check the list of Attributes sent by the IDP by clicking on the Test Configuration button in the Service Provider Setup tab of the plugin.

  • You can map any of the above values to Members user profile fields by providing the appropriate mapping in miniOrange Members Integrator add-on as shown:
  • members-integrator
  • Now, when a user performs SSO on your site, the IDP attributes will get mapped to that user’s Members profile as per the mapping provided in the miniOrange Members Integrator add-on.

miniorange img  Recommended plugin

Download the miniOrange SAML SP SSO plugin for integrating Single Sign-On with Members:

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