WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) for Multisite using OAuth / OpenID Connect


miniOrange provides secure access to WordPress for enterprises and full control over access of applications, Single Sign On (SSO) into WordPress with one set of login credentials.

WordPress Multisite

Multisite makes WordPress more extendable and flexible for distributed sites. Switching into Multisite mode enables you create a network of sites under one single WordPress installation, giving you the ability to administer all of them in one admin panel and maintain one codebase. Multisite gives you the option to have each subsite be a subdomain or subdirectory of the original site.

For example:

Subdomains – Original Site: mydomain.com, Subsite 1: abc.mydomain.com, Subsite 2: xyz.mydomain.com

Subdirectories – Original Site: mydomain.com, Subsite 1: mydomain.com/abc, Subsite 2: mydomain.com/xyz

How miniOrange OAuth / OpenID Connect Single Sign-On Plugin works with Multisite

WordPress SSO Multisite : oauth openid connect

Without Multisite support, you have to configure the WordPress OAuth / OpenID Connect Single Sign-On Plugin on each site separately, add idp configuration on each site individually and add service provider configuration for each site in the IDP.

For Example - If you have 1 main site with 3 subsites. Then, you have to configure the plugin 3 times on each site, add idp configuration 3 times as well as 3 service provider configurations in your IDP.

With Multi-Site plugin. You have to configure the plugin only once on main network site as well as only 1 service provider configuration in the IDP.

Benefits of Multi-Site Plugin:

  1. If you have a site that keeps growing. For example - if you are a university and the site is for students, then choosing this option will save you the time to configure the plugin on each new site that is added to your multisite network.

  2. If you have an organisation with different departments and you want to give role specific access to different users in each site. This plugin will allow you to configure role mapping for each site individually.

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You can download OAuth / OpenID Connect Single Sign-On plugin using the following link.

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