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Single Sign-On

Easy, secure, and seamless access to any SAML 2.0, WS-FED, or JWT applications with a single login i.e. authenticate users into applications using WordPress credentials

Multiple SPs Supported

Allow users to Single Sign-On into multiple applications at once by configuring multiple Service Providers (SP) with WordPress as the Identity Provider (IDP)

Role Based SSO

Our WordPress IDP SSO plugin provides the feature to assign groups to your users in your Thinkific application based on their WordPress user roles. Using Attribute & Role Mapping feature you can send roles assigned to users from your WordPress site to your Thinkific application.

Customized Attribute/ Role Mapping

Relay default or custom user profile attributes from WordPress to Service Providers to maintain user data consistency across applications

Single Logout

Terminate user’s Single Sign-On session on WordPress as well as on Service Provider applications, when the user logs out of your WP site or any configured Service Provider application

Widget/Shortcode to add SP Login

Add a link or button anywhere on your WordPress site, acting as an Identity Provider, to allow IDP initiated SSO into your single or multiple applications

Custom Login Page

Supports custom login page and custom registration page along with the default WordPress login page to allow users to sign up themselves in WordPress

Why Should you Choose WP Thinkific SSO?

Create seamless learning experiences for your users as well as a plethora of monetizing opportunities for existing WordPress traffic, advertising etc. with the WordPress Login Using WordPress Users Plugin

Custom Login & Registration

WordPress Thinkific Single Sign-on (SSO) stores your user identities in WordPress and allows them to authenticate into Thinkific using their WordPress credentials. You can create your own custom login page and custom registration page along with shortcode support to add a link/button and allow redirect to custom Thinkific destination

Memberships using WordPress Roles

Create and manage memberships in your Thinkific application based on the user roles assigned to the users in WordPress. Monetize memberships and set up customized learning experiences for the users according to their WordPress roles

Advertise Thinkific Courses

Advertise your Thinkific courses in your WordPress: you can advertise your courses on your WordPress site, and log the user to your Thinkific application automatically without having to enter the credentials again.

Transparent, simple pricing

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Make your WordPress a database for Thinkific users to log in to your Thinkific school. With the WordPress Login Using WordPress Users (WP as SAML IDP) Plugin, you can create seamless learning experiences for your users as well as a plethora of monetizing opportunities

What's included
Configure Multiple Service Providers
Keep Users in WordPress Database
Passwords will be stored in your WordPress Database
SSO Support for SAML / WS-FED / JWT
Use your own existing WordPress Sign-up Form
Use your own existing WordPress Login Page
Use your own WordPress Domain
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