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The Challenge

Our client had a WooCommerce website where they wanted to sell NFTs from a series of collections on the Polygon blockchain. They also wanted features to help them use and maintain these collections. An outline of their requirements is as follows:

  • NFT Collection Smart Contract
    They wanted us to create the NFT Smart Contract for their collections. This Smart Contract would also support Creator Royalties. As a further customisation, they wanted each user to be able to mint an NFT only once per collection.
  • Bulk NFT Upload Feature
    They wanted a feature to be able to Bulk Upload NFTs from the admin panel. Specifically, they wanted to be able to upload a zip file containing images of the NFTs and turn them into WooCommerce products.
  • Deploy NFT Collections
    They wanted the option to be able to deploy their NFT Collections from the admin panel.

Choosing The Right Solution - WordPress NFT Marketplace

WordPress NFT Marketplace is a plugin that converts your normal WooCommerce online store into a full fledged NFT Marketplace. It provides all the features you will require in order to run an NFT Marketplace. You can Create NFTs, Lazy Mint NFTs, Import NFTs, List NFTs and buy/sell NFTs all from the convenience of your WordPress website.

Adapting to the Customer’s Requirements

Our client required us to design the Smart Contract for their collections, which would be deployed on Polygon. In this, they wanted to place a restriction: each wallet must only be able to mint one NFT from each collection. They also wanted support for Creator Royalties in the Smart Contract.

The second customisation required was to be able to Bulk Upload NFT Products from the admin panel. Our client planned to have 50-60 NFTs per collection. Updating that many WooCommerce products manually would prove to be quite a tedious task, therefore we developed the Bulk NFT Upload feature. With this, the admin can upload several NFT Products at once. In the admin section, they will get the option to upload a zip file containing the images of their NFTs. They will also get the option to upload a csv file containing metadata for each NFT. In addition, they will also be able to set the price and collection address for each collection.

The final requirement by our client was to be able to deploy a collection from the admin panel. They did not want to be dependent on us to manually deploy their smart contract each time they wanted a new collection. Therefore, we developed a feature where they would have an option to deploy a new collection to the Polygon blockchain from the admin menu.

Benefits of WordPress NFT Marketplace– How We Added Value to our Client’s Business

Our client was looking for a solution where they could convert their WordPress website into an NFT Marketplace and manage several NFT collections from a single place. They wanted each collection to be unique by allowing every wallet to mint only once, and also wanted Royalty support in order to get a passive stream of income upon NFT resale.

By using our WordPress NFT Marketplace plugin, our client was able to achieve their business goals much more efficiently than using an existing NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. Our client was able to:

  • Avoid any platform fees.
  • Deploy their collections at will.
  • Avoid any gas fees thanks to Lazy Minting.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Creator Royalties.
  • Manage several NFT collections at once.

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