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Key features of WordPress Revisions


Submit Change Request For The Posts

WordPress Revisions allows the users to submit change requests for published posts. The users can make changes in the posts by using the WordPress editor. These changes are stored as a “pending version” that needs to be approved, rejected or scheduled by the administrator.


Schedule Future Updates To Post

WordPress Revisions allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published at any point in the future. While editing a published post/page all you need to do is select a date. The revisions in the published page will be reflected at that specific date and time.


Control Revision Permission

WordPress Revisions allows the administrator to authorize users/user roles to review and accept, reject or schedule revisions to the already published page/posts. The administrator can also use the new “Revisor” role, or customize the existing WordPress roles using this premium feature.


Compare Current And Former Versions

The users can make updates to categories, tags, featured images, and many other options. Each of these revisions can be compared with the prior content in the Compare Revision Interface and the changes are highlighted.


Email Notification For Revisions

WordPress Revisions will notify Administrators and Editors when a new revision is submitted for the content. They can log into their email to preview, compare and approve the changes. WordPress Revisions can also send emails for revision approval and publication.


Supported Plugins

WordPress Revisions supports various plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, advanced custom fields, elementor, LearnDash and many more. In case of any compatibility issues, we also provide customized solution.

What is the need of WordPress Revisions?


Why do big Tech Companies prefer to use WordPress?

  • WordPress is the most widely used website builder and content management system software in existence powering almost 35% of the web.
  • The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible to make different types of websites, online stores and many more things.
  • It consists of thousands of free and premium plugins that can be used to extend the functionality of the website.
  • Main advantage of using WordPress is that it can be set quickly without writing any code for the setup.

Are there any content management issues in WordPress?

  • In WordPress, there is no secure way to manage content changes for the website. Even when the content is live on the website, it's not possible to lock and secure your content.
  • WordPress does not provide the functionality to control the updates made to the published content on the website. Any other users without the authority of an author can make unwanted changes to the published content.
  • In case any mistake has been made while updating the published content, it’s not possible to revert back the changes once it has been updated.


Why is a revisions plugin required in WordPress?

  • To overcome this barrier, it’s necessary to use the WP Revision Plugin. The plugin helps the users revert back to a page or a post’s older version and undo the changes made while updating the content.
  • It's possible to provide permissions to users where “contributors” can submit revisions to their published posts, “revisors” can submit revisions to posts and pages published by others, “authors”, “editors” and “administrators” can approve or schedule their own revisions.


Why WordPress Revisions is a good choice?

  • WordPress Revisions is an ultimate tool that helps you to revert back the content changes that have been made in Wordpress website. It allows you to control the updates to published content on your website.
  • After all the changes have been made, the administrator can decide whether these changes need to be reflected on the main website. They can either accept or reject the changes.They can also schedule the changes to be published later as per the requirement.

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