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Key Features of WP Shield


Checks vulnerabilities in your code

Vulnerabilities are the weakness or the flaws that are present in your code. It is not always possible to identify the vulnerabilities in your code by manually reviewing the code. This scanner provides an easy way to scan for vulnerabilities in your code and point them out.


Checks for coding standards

WordPress has specific coding standards that need to be followed for the plugin to be listed in WordPress. If the coding standards are not followed, there might be several adverse consequences such as security concerns, performance issues and many more. WP Shield is one such security scanner that helps you to point, to the coding standards that are not followed.


Detailed scan report

WP Shield provides a detailed scanned report which consists of missing nonce verification, missing sanitization, missing escaping, improper naming conventions, usage of CURL, show error source, incorrect DB access. The scanned report can be downloaded in pdf form or the users can ask for a copy of the report by providing their mail id.


Schedule your scans

By using this wordpress security scanner, you can schedule your scans for specific days and times just by scheduling it as per your requirements. The plugin will be scanned for the set day and time and a detailed report will be generated.


Integrate with CI

WP Shield allows you to follow continuous integration, where the users can automate the integration of the code changes from multiple developers into a single project.

 24*7 support

24*7 Support

miniOrange provides direct interaction with the developer's team to resolve any concerns faced by the customers.

What is the need of WP Shield?


Why it is important to follow the coding standards while developing the plugin?

  • Wordpress is a global platform that powers 40 percent of the online content available.WordPress being an open source platform can lead to confusion among the contributors if the coding standards are not followed.
  • There are certain coding standards that need to be followed, so that the developers can work together seamlessly. WordPress coding standards are basically a set of guidelines that helps the developers to organize their code. In addition, there are projects which consist of hundreds of lines of code. Having a set of coding standards can help one to navigate the code quickly.

What are the consequences of not following the coding standards while developing the plugin?

  • To list your plugin in WordPress, there are certain coding standards that need to be followed such as sanitization, escaping,html,css,javascript,php coding standards.
  • If these WordPress coding guidelines are not followed, WordPress Community unlists your plugin from due to various security vulnerabilities or lack of coding standards not being followed. This leads to various consequences to high-profile plugins which consists of thousands of installs on various websites. Due to this, there is also a possibility that the plugin might become a target for the hackers as well.

How does WP shield work?

Generating the zip file of the plugin

To scan your plugin create a zip file of the plugin you want to scan.

Scan the plugin

Once the zip file is generated, upload the file for scanning and click on the scan button

Scanned report is generated

After clicking on the scan button, a detailed report is generated.

Copy of the scanned report

The generated scanned report can also be downloaded or obtained on your provided mail id.

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