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The Challenge

Our client has a website where he had exclusive wrestling videos that he wanted to use as a token gate, he wanted his user to buy NFT of that corresponding wrestler to access the video.

Also he did not want to token gate the complete page(the page where he will put the video) as he had SEO concerns of the page. And he converted the videos into woocommerce products and those videos were hosted on some third party storage.

So our challenge was to token gate the view/access of the woocommerce product( here the product is video).

Choosing The Right Solution - WordPress Web3 Authentication

WordPress Web3 Authentication is a plugin that allows you to log-in to a WordPress website using a cryptocurrency wallet and restrict/lock/gate specific pages, posts, and videos on their WP website and much more.

Woocommerce integration addon is built over Woocommerce and Web3 Authentication allows you to restrict the woocommerce product.

You need to configure the web3 authentication plugin with NFT details, and use those configuration details in the Woocommerce integration addon. Also, add an custom attribute in the woocommerce product to enable the token gating for that productand you are done!!

The Web3 Authentication Workflow

You might be curious about how an Web3 Authentication Workflow works. However, there is a logical framework that acts as the backbone underneath all of the artwork and design elements.

When a user tries to access the gated content, a login button appears that asks them to log in using their cryptowallet. During the authentication process, the user's NFT/token balance is checked, and based on the tokens/NFT they hold, it is determined whether they will be granted access to the gated content or not. New NFT/token data is fetched each time during the authentication process.

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