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Zapier Integration with WordPress OAuth Server

Zapier Integration with WordPress OAuth Server

Zapier Integration with WordPress OAuth Server

  • Go to and login with your account.
  • wordpress zapier login
  • Choose your Zap Integration or Start a new Zapier integration.
  • Start a new Zapier integration
  • Click on the Setup Authentication button.
  • wordpress oauth client plugin sso Setup Authentication
  • Select the Authentication type OAuth v2 and click on the Save button.
  • wordpress>authentication type
  • Go to WordPress, Install the WordPress OAuth server plugin and go to the miniOrange OAuth server tab and click on the Add client button.
  • wordpress Install plugin sso
  • Fill the required details client Name and Authorized redirect URI and click on the Save client button.
  • wordpress Fill the required details
  • You can Go to Zapier OAuth 2.0 authentication and in step 2 you can find the OAuth redirect URL for Zapier.
  • wordpress redirect URL for Zapier.
  • Now we need to configure the Zapier, In Step 1 you can configure the fields If the user needs to fill them before initiate the OAuth flow. Which is optional.
  • wordpress need to configure the Zapier
  • Step 3, configure the client ID and client Secret which is provided by the WordPress OAuth server.
  • WordPress OAuth server WordPress OAuth server
  • Step 4, fill the required details Authorize URL, Scope, Access Token request and Test endpoint. You can get this information from the WordPress OAuth server plugin.
  • fill the required details
  • Once you saved the configuration, you can Test your authentication for which you need to add the WordPress user for that click on the Sign In to WordPress button.
  • saved the configuration,
  • You need to log in with the WordPress credentials.
  • WordPress credential
  • You need to authorize the application to access your details.
  • wordpress access your details
  • Once your account is successfully added to Zapier, you can click on the Test Authentication button.
  • wordpress Test Authentication
  • On successful authentication you will find the WordPress user details in the response.
  • successful authentication
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