Zendesk Single Sign On (SSO) for Joomla as Identity Provider(IDP)

Step 1: Configure Single Sign On (SSO) Settings in Zendesk

  • Go to https://www.zendesk.com and Login to your Zendesk domain.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the left pane.
  • Then select Security in the Settings panel.
  • Choose the Single Sign On (SSO) option and select SAML.

    Zendesk sso
  • Enter the following details:

    SAML SSO URL Enter SAML Login URL from the Identity Provider tab of the module.
    Remote logout URL Enter SAML logout URL from the Identity Provider tab of the module.
    Certificate Fingerprint Copy the Thumbprint of the certificate downloaded from the Identity Provider tab of the module. (To generate fingerprint follow the below mentioned steps)
    1. Open the certificate that was downloaded earlier.
    2. Copy all the content of the certificate and past it in any online X.509 Certificate Fingerprint generator.
    3. Copy the Thumbprint generated and past it in the Certificate Fingerprint field.

  • Click the Save to save the Single Sign-On (SSO) SAML settings.
  • Copy Assertion Consumer Service(ACS) URL and keep it handy you will need it at the time of module configuration (Highlighted in the below image)

    Zendesk acs url

Step 2:Configure miniOrange SAML 2.0 IdP in Joomla

  • Download SAML 2.0 IDP FOR JOOMLA from here.
  • Login to the administrator section of your Joomla website – [host]/[sitename]/administrator/index.php

    Zendesk signin
  • From the navigation menu on top go to Extensions Manage Install.

    joomla idp install
  • Drag and drop your miniorange-joomla-saml-idp.zip file in the area indicated in the image below or browse and select the file to install the plugin.

    miniorange joomla extensions
  • After the installation go to Extensions Manage Manage.

    enable the extension
  • Search for miniorange in the search box and enable the two extensions System and User that are disabled by default.

    miniorange joomla idp
  • After enabling the extensions go to Components miniOrange Joomla IDP Account Setup.

    joomla idp account setup
  • In the Account Setup tab, Register\Login with miniOrange to activate the plugin. If you already have an account with miniOrange, enter your credentials from the existing account.

    joomla idp login
  • After the successful Registration\Login, go to Service Provider tab and fill in the Service Provider Name, SP Entity ID or Issuer, ACS URL and NameID Format. You will get these details from the Service Provider that you are using. Fill in the other fields according to your requirements. Click on Save.

    Service Provider Name Give any appropriate name to your Service Provider
    ACS URL Enter ACS URL copied from Zendesk (Service Provider)
    Eg. https://<your domain>.zendesk.com/access/saml
    SP Entity Id or Issuer https://<your domain>.zendesk.com/
    Relay State https://<your domain>.zendesk.com/
    NameId Format urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
    Response Signed checked

    Zendesk response signed
  • Next, go to the Identity Provider tab. Here you will find all the details you need to configure your Service Provider with your miniOrange SAML 2.0 IDP.

    Zendesk sp joomla idp
  • You have successfully completed your miniOrange SAML 2.0 IDP configurations. Still, if you are facing any difficulty please mail us on info@xecurify.com.