SAML Single Sign-On into Zoom using Joomla IDP Plugin | Zoom SSO

Joomla SAML IDP allows users residing in your Joomla site to log in to your SAML compliant Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO) as Service Provider. Joomla as IdP SAML SSO Plugin acts as a SAML Identity Provider which can be configured to establish the trust between the plugin and Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO) SAML supported Service Providers to securely authenticate the user using the Joomla site

Step 1: Download plugin from Joomla Marketplace

  • Download SAML 2.0 IDP for Joomla from Here.
  • Login to the administrator section of your Joomla website :–
  • Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), signin
  • From the navigation menu on top go to Extensions Manage Install.
  • Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), joomla idp install
  • Drag and drop your file in the area indicated in the image below or browse and select the file to install the plugin.
  • Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), joomla extensions

Step 2: Configure Zoom as Service Provider

  • Go to the your Joomla site, Install miniOrange 2.0 IDP plugin -> click on Identity provider tab , You an get metadata of IDP by three ways

      Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), metadata  By Download Metadata file :-

      • Click on Download XML Metadata.
      • Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), Download metadata

      Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), metadata By Manually :-

      • You can manually enter metadata.
      • Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), Manually Setup
  • From the Zoom Admin page, click on Single Sign-on to View the SAML tab.
  • Enter the following information into the SAML tab options:

    • Sign-in page URL:
      • *Note: if the SP Entity ID in Zoom is set to
        , the login to RP section of the sign-in URL should match, as
    • Sign-out page URL:
    • Identity provider certificate:
      X509 Certificate from XML Metadata in step 1 *Use the first X509 Certificate in the XML file:
    • Service Provider (SP) Entity ID:
      Select the option without https.
    • Issuer:
         http or https://[SERVER]/joomla/services/trust (entityID in metadata)
    • Binding:
    • Security:
      • Sign SAML Request:- Check this option if you are signing the SAML request in Joomla
      • Support Encrypted Assertions:- If you are using encrypted assertions in Joomla, check this option.
      • Enforce automatic logout after the user has been logged in for:- Check this if you want the user to be logged out after a specified amount of time.
    • Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO),Zoom configurations

Step 3: Configure miniOrange SAML 2.0 IdP in Joomla (Login using Joomla )

  • Go to Service Provider tab and fill in the Service Provider Name, SP Entity ID or Issuer, ACS URL and NameID Format. You will get these details from the Service Provider that you are using. Fill in the other fields according to your requirements. Click on Save.

    Service Provider Name Give any appropriate name to your Service Provider
    ACS URL Enter ACS URL copied from Zoom (Service Provider)
    Eg. https://<your domain>
    SP Entity Id or Issuer https://<your domain>
    NameId Format urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
    Response Signed checked (PREMIUM PLAN)

    Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO), Response signed
  • Click on NameID Attribute tab. Select the NameID Attribute and then click on Save Button and click on Test Configuration
  • Zoom as SP, joomla idp

    You have successfully completed your miniOrange SAML 2.0 IDP (Login using Joomla ) configurations. Still, if you are facing any difficulty please mail us on

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