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How to customize Password Page in Password Policy?| WordPress Password Policy

How to customize Password Page in Password Policy?| WordPress Password Policy

You can download Password Policy Manager plugin using the following link:

add-wordpress sso download plugin

Easy to manage password policies and enforce your user to use a strong password with a user password manager, password expiration, one-click reset of …

 Tested with 6.0

Follow these steps to customize Password Page in Password Policy :

  • Go to WordPress instance and log in as an administrator.
  • You can access the advance settings by clicking on the miniOrange Password policy >> Advance Settings tab.
  • miniOrange Password policy – advance settings

  • You can access the Advanced Settings menu by clicking on the tab.
  •  miniOrange Password policy – Advanced Settings

  • The Customize Password Reset Page feature is available under the Premium Option tab.
  •  miniOrange Password policy – Customize Password Reset page

  • The Password Reset Page allows you to select a different color for each session.
  •  miniOrange Password policy – select different color

  • Now you can save your configuration by clicking the Save Setting button.
  • miniOrange Password policy – customize password reset save setting

  • Click the Reset Settings button.
  • Customize settings are reverted to the default password reset page.
  • miniOrange Password policy – Reset Settings

  • Enter your WordPress credentials by clicking on the login button.
  • Session Restriction – WordPress user login

  • We have successfully customized the password reset page UI.
  •   miniOrange Password policy – Reset Password page

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