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DNN REST API Authentication Setup Guide | DNN REST API

Setup DNN REST API Authentication module to create and manage custom-made APIs, to fetch data using various conditions like greater than, less than, equal to and so forth. You can even customize the API response using user-friendly UI and just in case if you have any questions regarding the module or need help configuring it, contact us here. To know more about the pricing plans and features we provide in DNN REST API, click here.

Pre-requisites: Download and Installation

  • Download the package for DNN REST API Authentication.
  • Upload the installation package by going in Settings > Extension > Install Extension

Steps to configure DNN REST API Authentication

1. Add module on DNN page

  • Open any of the page on your DNN site (Edit mode) and Click on Add Module.

  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Add Module
  • Search for DNN REST API and click on the DNN REST API. Drag and drop the module on the page where you want.

  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Search for DNN REST API
  • You have finished with the Installation of the DNN REST API module on your DNN site.

2. Generate REST APIs

  • Under DNN REST API Settings tab, click on Generate REST APIs to create custom DNN REST API.
  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Settings
  • Enter the name of the API and select the API method as GET. Other API methods such as POST, PUT and DELETE are available in the standard version.
  • Select the table from which you want to retrieve data, then the columns you want to retrieve the data from.
  • For your DNN REST API, you can choose appropriate conditions based on your needs, or you can choose to have no conditions.
  • Click on Generate Api after filling in the required fields.
  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Generate API
  • You can see the DNN REST API generated under List of DNN REST API

3. Edit REST APIs

  • We can also edit the DNN REST API by clicking on Edit
  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Edit API
  • On clicking the Edit button, you will see the following screen
  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Display API
  • You can see the API Endpoint shown in blue in the screenshot above.
  • You can even modify the table name and change its columns.

4. Postman Sample

  • You can hit the API from Postman, and see the following response in JSON format.
  • DNN REST API Endpoint - Postman Sample

You have successfully configured DNN REST API module in your DNN application. This guide ensures that you generate and edit the custom-made DNN REST APIs the right way.

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