Firebase Social Login Integration for WordPress

Firebase social login allows you to login into your WordPress site with various social providers like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Github, and Yahoo. Enabling Firebase Social login on your WordPress site will allow users to login with their social provider’s credentials instead of creating a separate account for the WordPress site and remembering a different set of credentials.

You can easily enable Firebase Authentication with different social login providers on your WordPress site using our Firebase Authentication plugin. To setup WordPress Firebase Authentication Plugin you can Click Here.

You can download WordPress Firebase Authentication plugin using the following link.

A - Steps to enable Social login in Firebase project

  • Go to your Firebase Project and click on Authentication from the settings and then click on the Sign-In-Method tab.
  • You will see the different Firebase authentication methods listed here. Enable different social login provider’s sign in methods which you want to give options for your users to login into your WordPress site like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple.

  • firebase social media login authentication wordpress sign-in methods

B - Steps to enable social login in WP Firebase Authentication Plugin

    miniOrange Firebase Authentication plugin provides the social login integration with minimum set up steps required.

  • Go to the Firebase Authentication Plugin’s Advanced Settings tab. Scroll down to select the Firebase Authentication Methods. As shown in the below screenshot, enable the checkboxes for social providers you want to have on your WordPress site. Advanced settings can be checked as required.

  • firebase social media integration wordpress authentication methods
  • If you have selected the option Show Login button on WP Login Page, you can see the different social login buttons added on the WordPress default login form as below.

  • firebase social media integration wordpress social login buttons
  • If you have selected the option Show Login button on WooCommerce My Account Page, you can see the different social login buttons added on the WooCommerce my account page as below.

  • firebase social login authentication wordpress social media login options
  • The shortcode [mo_firebase_auth_login] can be used to add these social login buttons on your any WordPress pages or posts.
  • On clicking on the login button, the user will be redirected to the selected social provider’s login page and after entering right credentials, the user will be logged in to the WordPress site.

  • firebase social media login access wordpress site login page

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