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Boost productivity, collaborate and manage Google apps from with our All-in-one Google Integration app

↳ You can present, create forms, docs and analyze data


How It's Done!

Most businesses today use Google Apps. Your business depends on collaboration between people, from teams and customers to partners and vendors. Now avoid the hassle of manually sharing links and share the live & latest version of all these documents.

All you need all in one place


Bring in your documents from the most popular google apps like Google Sheets, Docs, Slides & Forms.

Create and Edit

Build and edit powerful documents inside monday itself. All changes made reflect on the original saving you valuable time.


Power-boost collaboration within your teams and keep your work intact. All in one place.

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Google Apps Integration is an All-in-One app which allows you to integrate Google Sheets, Docs, Slides & forms into
You can reach out to us at for custom use cases or additional requirements. We're always looking to improve and develop apps
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