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How to Configure Register Using Phone Number Addon

How to Configure Register Using Phone Number Addon

Register Using Phone Number Addon allows your users to register using only phone number. Enable Register using phone number on the registration forms like Woocommerce registration, Ultimate Member registration and WordPress registration forms. With the "Register Using Phone Number" addon, users can register using their phone number only and can receive SMS notifications after registration with user details. The purpose of this guide is to configure Register with Phone Number Addon.

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Tested with 6.4.1


Follow the steps to configure Register Using Phone Number Addon.

  • Click on the OTP Verification plugin from the left side menu.
  • Register Using Phone number - WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to the Addons tab.
  • You can see all OTP Verification Addons.
  • From that select the "Register Using Phone Number Addon" and click on the Settings button.
  • Register with Phone number - Go to Addons tab
  • You will be redirected to the Register Using Phone Number.
  • 1. Register using Phone Number

  • Enable the checkbox to Register with Phone Number on Registration Form.
  • After that click on the Save Settings button.
  • Register Using Phone number - Click save settings button
  • Go to your form and select your country code in the Dropdown.
  • Enter your Phone Number to register and click on the Register button.
  • Register with Phone number - click Register button
  • Enter the OTP on the pop-up that appears for verification and click on the Validate OTP button.
  • Register Using Phone number - Enter One time Passcode
  • You will receive a notification once your registration is complete.

2. Send SMS Notification of Username & Password

  • Enable the checkbox to Send Username and Password on Phone Number.
  • You can customize the Notification template as per your requirements.
  • You can also use the tags supported in the template.
  • After that click on the Save Settings button.
  • Register with Phone number - See Replacable tag

    Note: Once user gets registered, they will receive a username and password on the registered phone number.

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