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How to configure NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards

How to configure NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards

The WP NFT Maker allows you to convert/create a NFT of your product (Image/Audio/Video/Text) and sell it as a Non-fungible token (NFT) on your ecommerce website. NFTs are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique ID and metadata to set them apart and differentiate them from each other. The WP NFT Maker helps you enlist any number of NFTs to list on your woocommerce website for the purpose of selling. Once a purchase is made, the NFT is minted on the selected blockchain according to the pricing for the same and the ownership is transferred. It is extremely easy to use as it follows the same workflow as that of any product on ecommerce sites.

You can download NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards plugin using the following link:

NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards

By miniOrange

NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards converts your WooCommerce store into a NFT marketplace. You can import NFTs from the blockchain into WordPress as a WooCommerce product. You can also create a WooCommerce product and mint it onto the blockchain.

  Tested with 6.1.1

Steps to configure the plugin

  • You need to download, install and activate WooCommerce. You can download it by using the following link WooCommerce

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  • Also, download, install and activate NFT Marketplace. You can download it by using the following link: NFT MarketPlace and Loyalty Rewards

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  • Make sure you have the Metamask extension installed and enabled in your browser. You can download it by using the following link: Metamask Extension

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  • NFT Marketplace operates on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet. You can add the following network following the guide Polygon Mumbai Testnet guide

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  • After setting up WooCommerce, make sure the currency value is set to USD

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    Steps to mint your NFT

  • Navigate to the Products section and click on Add New.

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  • Check the NFT Product checkbox in the Edit Product page.

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  • While creating a new product make sure to add a product name, image and sale price. Optionally, you can also add a description and attributes to make your NFT unique.

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  • After you have created your product, click on Publish.

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  • Now your product has been published, navigate to miniOrange NFT Marketplace sub-menu.

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  • To mint the NFT click on the Mint NFTs tab.

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  • Click on Connect Metamask button to connect your wallet.

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  • The product you created should display here. Click on the Mint NFT button under it.

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  • Follow the prompts and sign the Metamask transactions.

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  • Your NFT has been minted. You can view the transaction on the Mumbai Polygonscan Block Explorer.

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