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How to configure NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards

The NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards transform your WordPress site into an NFT marketplace, offering a similar experience to any typical eCommerce store. In comparison to WooCommerce, this NFT Marketplace allows you to seamlessly integrate NFTs into your marketplace, just as you would add a new product to WooCommerce.

Customers can purchase or mint NFTs in a similar manner to buying a product from WooCommerce. This plugin empowers you to deploy new NFT collections on your preferred blockchain or import existing ones, enabling you to earn royalties from these transactions.

Step 1: Setup your account

  • Go to the miniOrange NFT Marketplace dashboard and under the Account setup tab create an account.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace

Step 2: Verify your License

  • Access your license key by logging here using your verified email address and activate your license from there.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • Upon activation of your license, you'll be immediately redirected to the Plugin Admin Dashboard.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace

Step 3: Step to Add a collection

  • Now, click on Add Collection where you have the option to either import your existing NFT collection or deploy a new NFT collection.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • To import your NFTs, click on the Import NFT Collection option. You will then see a form with NFT configuration details. Fill in all the necessary fields and click on Import.
  • Blockchain: Select the blockchain where your NFT collection is already deployed.
    NFT Contract Address: Enter the contract address of your already existing NFT collection.
    NFT Standard: Select the NFT token standard which is used in your NFT collection.
    Collection contract ABI: Enter the contract ABI of your NFT contract. You can also get a contract ABI by clicking the link beside the field.Enter the contract ABI of your NFT contract. You can also get a contract ABI by clicking the link beside the field.
    WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • You can create your own NFT collection by clicking the Deploy NFT Collection option, you will see a form with NFT configuration details. Fill in all the necessary fields and click on deploy.
  • Blockchain: Select the blockchain where you want to deploy your NFT contract.
    NFT Standard Select the NFT token standard that you want to use in your NFT contract.
    Collection Name Enter the name of your NFT contract.
    Collection Symbol Enter the symbol of your NFT contract.
    WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • Select "Confirm" to finalize the transaction and complete the deployment of the contract.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace

Step 4: Step to Upload NFT Metadata

  • After the successful import or deploy you will be directed to the Upload NFT Metadata tab.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • Now that you've chosen Publish as a WooCommerce product during upload, go to the Products section on the left-hand side. There, you'll find your product published on WooCommerce.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • After clicking on Edit choose NFT Product then fill in the required details such as Regular Price, Sale Price, and Product Description. Finally, click on Update to save your changes.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • Once updated, you'll receive a notification at the top left indicating Product Updated. Click on View product, and you'll be instantly redirected to the Shop Page.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • On the shop page, you'll find your product listed. Click Add to Cart, and once your product is successfully added, select View Cart.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • Simply click on the Proceed to Checkout button, which will promptly redirect you to the WooCommerce Checkout Page.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace
  • After providing the required details such as Contact Information and Billing Address, select your preferred payment option, and proceed to successfully place your order. Click Place Order button.
  • Now, you'll be redirected to a page where you can mint your product as an NFT.
  • WordPress NFT MarketPlace

You have successfully configured the miniOrange NFT Marketplace using the guide, which is available only for premium users.

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