Guide to Integrate Rest API/ Mobile SSO with Social Login plugin

What is Social Login REST API / Mobile SSO?

If you want to have SSO on any Android/IOS application through any of the social providers like Facebook, Google, Discord, Linkedin etc then we do provide a solution through JWT authentication using our social login REST API / Mobile SSO plugin.
We will provide a JWT token which will have all the required userinfo through which the user can perform Login to your mobile application.

How to integrate REST API / Mobile SSO with Social Login Plugin?

miniOrange provides Social login Rest API / Mobile SSO using which your website user can login/register via social media platforms to your mobile application through JWT authentication.You can also store your mobile application users into your WordPress user table too.

Step 1: Setup miniOrange Social Login REST API plugin For Mobile Single Sign on (SSO) :

  • Download the miniOrange Social Login REST API / Mobile SSO plugin and Activate the plugin.
  • You will be redirected to plugin dashboard. We support 40+ applications and by default Facebook and Google are integrated.
  • You can Setup any application. For example, we will setup Google in this Guide.
  • Enable Google and Paste Client ID and Client Secret in the respective fields. Click on Save button.
  • paste client id secret and save to setup mobile SSO

Step 2: Connect REST API / Mobile SSO to Social Login plugin :

  • For mobile you need to hit the API "http://domain name?appname="Your Application name"&application=mobile.
  • hit api from mobile for social login mobile SSO setup
  • After clicking on Social Login button. You will recieve the JWT token in the URL
  • jwt token recieved in url after social login enable mobile SSO
  • You can decode the JWT token to get User information and perform login of user in mobile application.
  • decode jwt token for userinfo perform user mobile login
  • We also provide an option to update the userinfo in WordPress. If you want to update your userinfo in WordPress you can Enable this option and Click on Save button.
  • option to updated userinfo in wordpress mobile SSO
  • If you want to purchase our Social Login REST API / Mobile SSO Plugin Click here.

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