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Shopify Firewall - IP & Country Restriction and BOT Protection

Shopify IP and Country Blocking application enhances the security of your Shopify store by Blocking VPN, Proxies, Spam account registration, spam account creation, and unwanted visitor access based on IP addresses and Countries. Shopify Bot Protection feature blocks known bots from your checkout, and slows down bot activity so that your customers have the opportunity to make purchases.

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Why Does Your Shopify Store Need A Country, IP, or BOT Blocker?

Implementing the Shopify Country, IP, and BOT blocker on your Shopify Store is essential for real-life protection against online threats. Consider a scenario in which your store experiences a sudden surge in traffic from a specific country known for cyberattacks, or consider dealing with persistent attempts from a specific IP address attempting unauthorized access to your store, possibly for malicious purposes, or a bot attempting to Spam your Store with fake user account creation, or make numerous fraudulent transactions at the time of sale or engaging in aggressive data scraping.

By incorporating these blockers, your Shopify Store is fortified against real-world security challenges, providing tangible protection against region-specific risks, malicious IP addresses, preventing Spam account registration or creation, and automated bot threats, thereby maintaining the security and trustworthiness of your online business.

Key Features

IP Blocking

Take control of the Shopify store’s security by blocking specific IP addresses. If you suspect a request from an IP address is malicious, you can block that IP from accessing your Shopify Store.

Country Blocking

Shopify Country Blocking feature strengthens the security of your Shopify Store by blocking access from specific countries or regions with a higher incidence of fraudulent activities. So limit exposure to these risks and protect your Store.

IP Whitelisting

You can specify which IP addresses can access your Shopify store using Shopify IP Whitelisting. Create a trusted entity list, such as your team member's IP address, to ensure exclusive access to your Shopify Store.

Block Access from VPN

You can use our Shopify VPN Restriction feature to block users who use VPN to access your Shopify Store to avoid malicious traffic and keep your store safe from spammers and hackers.

BOT Protection

Shopify Bot protection provides real-time monitoring of bot activities and blocks access to Shopify if any suspicious behavior is detected. Stop fake orders, fake accounts, add-to-cart events, etc. from firing when a bot is detected.

BOT Traffic Analysis

The Shopify BOT Protection feature precisely tracks and provides the number of bots that were successfully blocked, preventing them from carrying out potentially harmful actions on your store.

Pricing Plan


$9.99 /month

  •   Block Multiple Countries
  •   Block Single IP
  •   Redirect URL for blocked users
  •   Content Protection

    $19.99 /month

  •   All above plan features +
  •   Block Multiple IPs
  •   Block Multiple Countries
  •   Whitelisting Google Ads
  •   Spam Account Registration
  •   Redirection Based on Geolocation
  •   Block access from VPN
  •   Whitelisting Google Bots
  •   Custom Access Denied Templates
  • How to Protect Your Online Store From Fake Signups and Spam Account Creation?

    Consider a scenario where a Shopify store experiences a surge in automated bot-driven traffic during high-demand product releases, leading to fake user account creation and fake order placement at the time of sale jeopardizing the shopping experience for genuine customers making the product out of stock. In response to such threats, implementing the Shopify Bot Protection feature emerges as a powerful solution. Our application detects and blocks malicious bots attempting to manipulate the Shopify checkout process or engage in fraudulent activities. With the Shopify BOT Protector feature, Shopify merchants can ensure a secure and seamless shopping environment, protecting their inventory, customer data, spam account creation, and overall reputation from the negative effects of bot interference.

  •   Stop Fake Account Creation
  •   Block Checkout Bots
  •   Real-Time Monitoring
  •   Get BOT Traffic Analytics
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Product Questions

    The firewall application is not working anymore as I have installed a new theme and everything.

    In the Firewall application, scroll down to the Code Injection section. Click on the Inject button. By doing this, the Shopify theme changes that are required for the application to operate as intended will be restored for your new theme.

    I need to block all the countries except the US. Should I block all the other countries other than the US?

    To block all the countries from accessing your store except a few countries, you can whitelist those countries rather than blocking all the countries. Just navigate to the Whitelist Countries section and choose the country you want to whitelist. Click on Save.

    I have blocked a country and still I am getting visitors from that country.

    There may be a chance that some suspicious visitors are attempting to access your store through VPN tunnels. By blocking a country and using our Block Access from VPN feature, you can restrict all malicious traffic from accessing your store. This feature is available in our Enterprise plan. You can easily upgrade to it from the upgrade plan option through the dashboard. Follow the steps given here to resolve this issue.

    I want to block a country but still would want certain IPs / people to access my store from that country.

    The Whitelist IP feature of the application allows you to add the IP addresses of specific users, allowing them to access the store while blocking access for all other users. You won’t need to block countries separately. Enter the IP you want to whitelist in the Whitelist IP section in the firewall application and then click on the Save button.

    Product Questions

    I want to redirect all the blocked users to a page of my shopify store.

    Please reach out to us at for more information regarding the same.

    If I restrict a country my ads are also blocked and Google says ”destination mismatch”

    We can whitelist the Google Ads, and at the same time, it would restrict the blocked users from accessing your store. This feature is available on the Enterprise plan of our application. Kindly reach out to us at in case you would like to activate it for yourself.

    How can I test if my configuration/ application is running correctly?

    There are two ways to test the functionality: One is to block your own country and attempt to access the store, and the other is to use any open-source VPN tool and set up a blocked country and then try to access the store. You should end up on the access denied page in both cases.

    Is it possible to personalize the integration to match my brand's style and branding?

    Absolutely! You can customize your shopify store and landing page to create a cohesive and visually appealing user experience, ensuring consistency with your brand's aesthetics.

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