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Configure Directory Search for Joomla LDAP/Active Directory

Joomla LDAP Search Directory Plugin allows you to search and display the users present in your Active Directory / LDAP Server on a Joomla page using a shortcode. The users will be fetched from the Active Directory/LDAP Server dynamically. Any of the Active Directory/LDAP users will not be created in your Joomla website and no user information will be stored in Joomla. Our plugin will seamlessly allow you to search through your business directory, employee directory or any other search directory from your Joomla website.

Visit our Joomla LDAP Directory Plugin page to learn more about the features and Pricing plans we offer for the Joomla LDAP Active Directory plugin.

Joomla LDAP Handbook

Please refer our detailed Handbook for the Joomla LDAP plugin, which gives an in-depth explanation of the various features of the plugin. You can get to the handbook at anytime directly from the plugin's UI for quicker access.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

Setup LDAP Search Directory Plugin

1. Download and Setup Joomla LDAP Search Directory

  • Download the zip file for the miniOrange LDAP Active Directory plugin for Joomla from the given link.
  • Login into your Joomla site’s administrator console .
  • From left toggle menu, click on System , then under Install section click on Extensions .
  • Upload the downloaded zip file to install the Joomla Active Directory plugin.
  • Installation of plugin is successful. Now click on Start Using miniOrange Joomla Active Directory plugin.

2. Configure Joomla LDAP Search Directory

  • Go to the LDAP/AD Connection tab. Here we will enter the LDAP/AD Connection Information to establish connection with the LDAP server.
    • 1. Directory Server: Select your LDAP server from the Directory server dropdown.
    • 2. LDAP Server URL: Enter the Server URL.
    • 3. Username: Enter the bind dn to connect to your Active Directory/LDAP Server.
    • 4. Password: Enter the Bind DN password.
    • 5. Username Attribute: Enter your search filter to search for users in your Active directory
    • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
    • Click on the Save Configuration button.
  • Go to the Attribute Mapping tab:
    • Enter the LDAP Search Base to search for your users in the Active Directory.
    • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
    • You can also click Possible Search Bases/Base DNs to retrieve the list of the search bases.
    • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
    • Then click on the Save Search Base button.
    • In the User Attributes Receiving section, enter a username in the given field then click on the Check Attribute Receiving button to see all attributes.
    • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
    • Then under LDAP/AD Attribute Configuration section, you can map attributes to attribute labels, and the click on Save Attribute Mapping button.
    • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
    • Finally, you can choose the LDAP attributes that will be used for your user search, under the Attributes To Search By section.
    • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
  • In the Retrieve Users tab, you can retrieve all users in the Company and Department. Click on the Possible Company Names and Possible Department Names button to select from a list of Company and Department groups.
  • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
  • Finally go to the Display Configuration section to customize the user details cards and the Search bar .
  • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
  • Under the Display Configuration section you can copy the shortcode to display users in your Joomla page.
  • Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory Search Users in Joomla LDAP Active Directory
  • You have successfully configured the Joomla LDAP Search Directory plugin.

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