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NFT Token Gating for Loopring Blockchain on WordPress

NFT Token Gating for Loopring Blockchain on WordPress

NFT token gating refers to the process of controlling access to specific non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on certain conditions or requirements. In this case, the Loopring blockchain platform is utilized for managing and minting NFTs, while the miniOrange Web3 Authentication Plugin adds an additional layer of authentication and access control.

The Loopring blockchain provides a decentralized and secure infrastructure for creating, storing, and trading NFTs. It offers features like token minting, ownership verification, and transaction history. NFTs on the Loopring blockchain can represent various digital assets, such as artwork, collectibles, or virtual real estate. To add an extra level of authentication and access control, the miniOrange Web3 Authentication Plugin is integrated into the NFT gating process.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

  • Note: To set up NFT Token Gating for Loopring on your WordPress site, you will need a premium version of the WordPress Web3 authentication plugin. You can also try our free plugin by following the download steps below.
  • Log into your WordPress instance as an admin.
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins and click on Add New.
  • Search for a WordPress Web3 authentication plugin and click on Install Now.
  • Once installed click on Activate.

Step 1. Configure the Token Details for Loopring

  • Go the miniOrange web3 authentication plugin dashboard, and switch to Contract Address Config Tab to configure NFTs details for loopring blockchain.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring
  • Click on Add Token Detail.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring
  • A modal will pop up, and add the following details:

  • Blockchain: Loopring
    Contract Address Name: Give any arbitrary name to this field, let's say CloneApesX, now this contract address name will refer to the complete configuration.
    Contract Address: Fill the collection address/ contract address of your NFT collection. If you do not have any contract address please reach out to us at Our team will help to deploy your first NFT contract.
    No. of tokens(optional): To access gated content, your user needs to hold at least 'x' amount of tokens. As an example, if x = 1, then user must have at least 1 token/nft to gain access to token gated content
    Token Ids(optional): Token Ids can be specified if you want your user to hold specific NFTs. In the case of multiple token IDs, they should be separated by commas (,) For e.g 1,2,3,4,5,6. If a user holds any NFT from the configured ID, then they will have access to the token-gated page.
    Loopring API-KEY: Enter your API Key for loopering blockchain, check how to get loopering API key by clicking here.
  • Click on Add button.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring
  • You have successfully added the NFT Token Details for loopring blockchain.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring

Step 2. Configure NFT Token Gating

  • Go to the NFT Content Restriction tab and click on Add Content Gating Details button.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring
  • A modal popup will appear on screen. Modal popup have the Following fields:
    1. 1. Page URL : Enter the page url that you want to restrict, also you can restrict all the child page of a parent page.
      For e.g let say the page url is https://<your-wp-site-url>/parent-page/, if you configure this as Page URL then all the child page extending this URL will get restricted too.
      https://<your-wp-site-url>/parent-page/child-page-3 …. and so on

      2. Contract Address Name: Now you can select the contract address Name from the dropdown, it is the same Contract Address Name that we configured in the Contract Address Config tab, and it refers all the configuration correspondence to it.

      3. Error URL: If the user does not hold an NFT, and attempts to access the gated content, then where should they be redirected. You can create a customized page that says "you are not authorized to access this page". You can also provide a link for purchasing those NFT's.

  • Once you configured all the details click on Add button. Likewise, you can add more details.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring

Step 3. Test the configuration for any wallet address

  • Click on Test Configuration button a modal popup will appear.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring
  • Enter the wallet address against which you want to test the configurations, also select the respectiveblockchain and click on submit button.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring
  • Once you click on the submit button, you will get the configuration for that wallet address results asshown.
  • NFT token gating for WP Loopring

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