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Login into WordPress with Prestashop | Prestashop WordPress SSO

Login into WordPress with Prestashop | Prestashop WordPress SSO

Single Sign-On fulfills the most basic requirement of authentication with a single set of credentials in any business environment, increasing the efficiency in maintaining user data. Let us consider a case where you want users to access your WordPress site after they purchase your products stored in your Prestashop store, and how SSO will solve this use case using the Prestashop as SAML IDP plugin.

Prestashop is an online store building system that allows users to build their own ecommerce platforms for creating and selling their own products. It comes built-in with several features called modules which include easy checkout and payment system integrated with PayPalTM, FaceBookTM and social network integrations for building your community around your store, and administration for simplifying the daily management of your store.

On the other hand, WordPress is a general purpose website builder and CMS (content management system) which allows you to build all kinds of websites ranging from ecommerce and sports/media tabloids to social networking and full fledged business/membership websites. Like Prestashop, WordPress also leverages the power of the several millions of free and paid plugins available on their marketplace.

While both may seem similar, both can be used in tandem to solve several use cases.


You sell a product (memberships) on Prestashop, and based on your customer’s membership level, they are allowed to access the premium contents that are hosted on the WordPress site. You want only authenticated users to be able to purchase the memberships via Prestashop and then access the WordPress site.

  • Prestashop is set up as a store where memberships are sold as a purchasable product. When a customer purchases a specific membership, they will be assigned to a corresponding group in Prestashop.
  • WordPress is configured as a service provider wherein only authorized users who have purchased the membership will be able to access the site.

Components Involved in Prestashop WordPress SSO integration

  • Identity Provider (IDP): Prestashop, where all the user identities will be coming from.
  • Service Provider (SP): WordPress, where the service will be accessed by the authenticated users.

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Flow Diagram


1. User login

When the user tries to login into the WordPress website, the WP SAML SP plugin will redirect and send an authentication request to Prestashop in order to fetch the membership levels of the user so as to grant or deny access to the WordPress site.

2. Authentication in Prestashop

The Prestashop SAML IDP plugin would enable incoming users to authenticate using their Prestashop credentials. After successful authentication, each particular user’s attributes will be fetched by the plugin. These user attributes will contain the users' respective membership levels, which can be purchased within the Prestashop store itself. The default membership level assigned to a user before purchase is “Member”. However, once they purchase the membership, their new assigned membership level would be “Professional”. All the collected user attributes will be sent by the Prestashop SAML IDP plugin back to the WP SAML SP plugin as part of the authentication response.

3. Access to WordPress

The authentication response sent by the Prestashop as IDP plugin will contain all the user attributes fetched from Prestashop. The WP SAML SP plugin will receive these attributes and find the membership level associated with each particular user. If the membership level of the user will be “Member” that particular user won’t be allowed access to the WordPress site. On the other hand, if the membership level assigned to a particular user will be “Professional” that particular user will be able to access the WordPress site seamlessly.


With the help of WordPress SAML SSO Plugin and Prestashop as SAML IDP Plugin, you have configured your Prestashop store as a SAML 2.0 compliant identity provider (IDP) for seamless integration with WordPress using Single Sign-On (SSO).

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