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Shopify Google Authenticator

Shopify Two-factor Authentication ( Google Authenticator ) - Passwordless
Authentication with Google Authenticator

miniOrange provides users, employees, merchants & organizations an option to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their Shopify Store. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) increases the security of your Shopify Store, by ensuring that the right set of eyes has access to your sensitive information sitting on the cloud or on-premise & protects your account from unauthorized access. Passwordless authentication with Google Authenticator enables users to log in without having to remember a password. Authenticate/register/verify users with Google Authenticator on Shopify i.e. the users must scan the QR code instead of entering a traditional username and password to register their accounts. After registering successfully, you will be given a one-time security token, which they can use to log in. Unlike possession or something that a user has, authentication based on something the user knows (such as a password, passcode, or PIN code) is easily stolen and shared by users and requires constant management and handling by both users and web servers. Most users may use the same credentials for multiple systems. If the credentials are leaked or obtained by an unauthorized user, this significantly weakens the security of all those websites.

What does Login through Google Authenticator prevent?

Password Spraying

Password spraying is an attack that uses a few regularly used passwords to gain access to a large number of accounts (usernames). Conventional brute-force attacks try to guess a password in order to gain unauthorized access to a single account. An attacker uses password spraying to try combinations of usernames and passwords from a list of regularly used passwords. Using Google Authenticator to login into Shopify, the user will no longer need to create and remember passwords for login into Shopify.

Credentials Stuffing

Credential stuffing is a type of attack in which stolen credentials are used, typically a list of usernames and passwords. Credential stuffing differs from brute force assaults in that it uses a list of leaked credentials rather than attempting to guess a user's credentials. Using Google Authenticator as a login option adds an extra level of protection to your Shopify store. Websites that use Google Authenticator can successfully prevent credential stuffing attacks by making it impossible for attackers to get access using stolen credentials.

Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack is a sort of attack in which a login and password combination is guessed through trial and error. It is made up of many login attempts with different combinations each time. Using Google Authenticator to Login into Shopify, makes it nearly impossible for a hacker to guess the code and gain access to the account. It also reduces the risk of brute force attacks, as the hacker would have to guess the code within 30 seconds in order to gain access.

Faster Access to Shopify through Google Authenticator

Login into Shopify Store with Google Authenticator is all about convenience. There is no longer any need to create and remember passwords when authenticating an account in Shopify, and the simplified process improves the customer experience. It is compatible with all web and mobile apps, as well as all devices and browsers.

Faster Access to Shopify Google Authenticator
Login with Google Authenticator to enhance Authentication Security

Shopify Google Authenticator enhances Authentication Security

Reusing passwords can lead to an insecure ecosystem by allowing hackers to access multiple accounts using the same password. If one account is compromised, all accounts that use the same password may be compromised as well. Shopify Google Authenticator uses security standards that work across a broad set of devices. It also reduces the attack vectors by eliminating the possibility of password-based attacks such as dictionary passwords, brute force, and credential stuffing attacks.

Minimize costs while optimizing resources

No more passwords mean no more password reset requests from your customers. And, since you no longer need a password reset process, you are saving up on your IT support costs. Shopify Google Authenticator is an incredibly powerful tool that allows businesses to minimize costs while optimizing their resources. With Login through Google Authenticator, businesses can ensure that only authorized personnel can access their systems, protecting them from potential security threats.

Minimize costs while optimising resources

What are the benefits of using Shopify Google Authenticator?

Better Security

Using encrypted push notifications to the account holder's mobile device. One-Time code via Shopify Google Authenticator on mobile devices can be used as an additional method of authentication in addition to the usual username and password combination.

Better Control

While using passwords, users have less control over their accounts and are more vulnerable to phishing. With passwordless login through Shopify Google Authenticator, users have more control over their accounts and are less vulnerable to phishing. When passwords are removed from the equation, both user experience and security improve.

Enhanced experience

Shopify Google Authenticator is an easy-to-use two-factor authentication app that offers an extra layer of security for your online accounts. With Shopify Google Authenticator users no longer need to remember their login credentials, which is a great delight you can provide to your clients. It also results in a fantastic screen-time experience.

Increased convenience

Why choose a difficult password that users must remember all the time when passwordless authentication provides more efficient options? Provide your users with additional convenience by allowing them to access or obtain information at any time and from any location.

Increase productivity

Employees can securely access your Shopify Store from virtually any device/account and location by authenticating themselves with the Shopify Google authenticator application, without jeopardizing the company's network.

Fraud Prevention

Using Google Authenticator is two-factor authentication, you can protect your Shopify store against fraud and unauthorized access to an account.

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