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Shopify Hydrogen | Shopify Headless Ecommerce – Case Studies

Shopify Hydrogen is a React-based framework for creating headless storefronts. Shopify headless (Hydrogen) ecommerce allows you to create stores that are powerful, scalable, and secure. miniOrange provides wholesome security solutions within Shopify using our Apps like Single Sign-on, Two Factor Authentication, Social Login, Firewall, etc. If you want users to login into your Headless Shopify Store using other application credentials, you can simply do it using our Single Sign-On(SSO) app on Shopify. For Authenticating users on our Headless Shopify Store you can use our two-factor authentication (2FA) application. Some of the 2FA methods we provide are OTP over SMS, mail, telegram, Whatsapp, etc. This document contains solutions to various use cases that arise on a daily basis for a headless Shopify store.

You can download and read about miniOrange provided apps on Shopify from here.

USE CASE 1:  Integrate a headless Shopify setup with a custom checkout flow so users don't need to log in again at checkout

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce -  headless store with shopify checkout flow

You have a headless Shopify setup in which Shopify acts as a backend and you want to integrate your headless Shopify Store with Shopify Checkout flow so that users do not have to log in again at the time of checkout in Shopify. This is possible with the miniOrange Store as IDP application. Using miniOrange Store as IDP Application, users can get auto-logged in at the time of checkout and their Hydrogen store session can be persisted on the shopify’s checkout flow and they will not be required to login again. Moreover, their profile information can be prefilled on checkout and users can choose any saved addresses easily.

USE CASE 2:  Switch storefront to Hydrogen on Shopify and looking to perform SSO in the Hydrogen website

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - Switch Storefront to Hydrogen on Shopify

Consider you have a Shopify storefront and want to switch to Hydrogen for better page speed insights and load times, and you want to allow all of your Shopify users to login to the Hydrogen-powered website using their existing credentials, i.e. you want to connect to the Shopify Store. With miniOrange Single Sign-On Solution, You can connect Hydrogen-powered websites to Shopify and allow users to log in with just a single set of credentials. With a single click on Hydrogen, you can access the entire Shopify store.

USE CASE 3:  Connecting multiple Headless Shopify Stores and allowing two-way sync for orders, products, and User information.

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - Connect multiple Headless Shopify Store

You have various Headless Shopify stores for various e-commerce solutions and services. You have different headless stores for dealers/wholesalers and different stores for retail users. Some of the customers work as dealers and retailers at the same time. These customers need to remember different sets of credentials to access each store.

You want to allow these customers to log in to both stores using just one set of credentials. Additionally, you want to sync user data, orders or product data, metafield values, etc. between these headless stores so that any time you add or modify a product in one store, the change is immediately sent to all of your other stores.

You can link as many stores as you like using the miniOrange Single Sign-On Solution, enabling users to sign in using just one set of credentials and syncing user information, order or product data, or meta field values between these stores.

USE CASE 4:  SSO into Shopify Hydrogen website using Social login as Identity Providers and retrieve Customer access token after SSO in Hydrogen website

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - SSO into Hydrogen Store using Social Login

There’s a Shopify Hydrogen website and you have clients who want to log in using social networking apps like Discord, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others to connect to the shopify store. miniOrange provides a highly secure Single Sign-On login Solution solution which allows users to perform SSO into the Shopify Hydrogen website using Social login as Identity Providers. Users can Social login at both checkout & Non-Checkout flow. Once users checkout using social login credentials in Hydrogen then users will not be required to login again at the time of checkout in shopify.

USE CASE 5:  Limit customers from certain countries purchasing certain items and Require login access for a specific page from your Headless Shopify Store

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - Limit access to the Headless Shopify store

Wondering you have a headless Shopify store and you want to limit customers from certain countries to purchase certain items and you also want to prevent unauthorized users from accessing certain pages in your store.

Using the miniOrange Content restriction applciation you can hide products from your headless Shopify Store which you don’t ship to your customers' countries and customers only see those products which can be shipped in their region. You can force users to login first to allow access to specific pages like members will be required to login first to view protected content and keep some pages of store to be accessible for everyone.

USE CASE 6:  Restrict access to products, Pages, collection or complete headless store based on user groups in Identity Provider, tags assigned to users in Shopify

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - Restrict access to product, pages, etc. in Shopify Hydrogen store

I have a Headless Shopify Store and want to restrict access to products, Pages, collections, or complete headless stores to protect the integrity of the content and to ensure that only intended users have access to the information. Also, I want to prevent unauthorized users from viewing sensitive information or limiting access to certain products or collections to specific user groups.

Before accessing my Shopify store, I want to redirect the users to a user-friendly custom login or registration page. Users which have logged in to the store or are approved by staff members will be allowed to access or view Shopify-restricted products.

Using the miniOrange Content restriction applciation access to products, pages, collections, or headless stores can be restricted. This application can be used to control what products, pages, and collections customers can view and purchase, or to limit access to an entire headless store. Restrictions can be applied by assigning customers to specific groups, or by tagging products, pages, and collections. For example, certain products, pages, and collections can be tagged as “member-only” and only customers with a “member” tag would have access to them.

USE CASE 7:  Connecting headless with existing non-headless stores and with other platforms

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - Connect Headless with existing non-headless store

I have an existing shopify store where I sell my products. I am facing some issues with my store. The front-end rendering and back-end processing happen inside the same application that leads to heavy pages (checkout, payment processing, third-party integrations) which are significantly slowing down my store.

As a business owner, I want more flexibility for my Shopify stores. Everything comes down to modern-day trends. If I fall behind, my business may not last the competition of others. So I want to move to a Headless Shopify store. I want to import and sync all products, orders, customer information, and meta field values from the existing store to the headless store.

The flexibility of headless commerce gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their full personality on their eCommerce sites. Using the miniOrange Inventory Sync application you can sync user information, order or product data, or meta field values between these stores or can import them from existing Shopify stores.

USE CASE 8:  OTP verification at guest checkout and 2FA authentication

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - OTP verification at guest checkout of Headless Shopify store

When the merchants allow guests to checkout on their storefront they face the problem of fake orders. To tackle this problem Store owners can use one of the two methods mentioned below to prevent fake orders. OTP verification at guest checkout - When the user lands on the checkout page of the Headless Shopify Store, the checkout button can be disabled by default. To enable the checkout button the user will need to do OTP verification. When a guest user lands on the checkout page he is prompted to enter his mobile number by clicking the OTP verification button. After only successful OTP verification, the checkout button will be enabled.

2FA authentication - Store owners can enable 2FA authentication in their stores. When the user logs in using his email and password then they are prompted for OTP verification on their mobile number. Until the OTP verification is done they cannot access the store. 2FA can also be implemented for OTP over email for an extra layer of security. In this way, fake orders can be avoided by allowing only verified users to access the store.

USE CASE 9:  Single Sign On into Headless Shopify Store via multiple Identity Providers and access to specific pages, products or collection based on logged in user’s Identity Provider

Shopify Hydrogen - shopify headless eCommerce - SSO into Headless Shopify store via multiple IDP

There’s a Headless Shopify Store and you have clients whose end-users are stored in multiple identity Providers. Client A users are stored in OKTA and Client B users are stored in AWS Cognito. All end-users from Multiple Identity Provider can perform SSO into Headless Shopify Store and access the store with their existing Identity Provider credentials. Pages and products can be restricted based on which organization's customers are logging in. Only specific pages can be made available for organization A or Client A users and another set of pages or products or collections can be made available for organization B or Client B users after Single Sign-On into Headless Shopify Store.

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