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Multiple Salesforce Communities

Key Features

Single Sign-On

Seamless WordPress Single Sign-On with Multiple Salesforce Communities

Restrict Content

Content restrict/access on WordPress to different Salesforce Community Users

Single-click access to WordPress

Single-click access to WordPress with respective Salesforce Community Credentials

WordPress Salesforce Object Sync along with seamless integrations with other environments and applications

Salesforce Integrations

Integrate WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and any other third party app with Salesforce, for seamless SSO and data synchronization.

Salesforce WordPress Object Sync

Bidirectionally sync Salesforce objects with WordPress objects for easy WP to Salesforce Sync and Salesforce to WP Sync

You can enable WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) in your site using our WordPress SAML Single Sign-On plugin and connect it to any Identity Provider. Contact us at and we'll help you set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with your IdP in no time.

Salesforce Communities can be created within the CRM platform, providing a streamlined way to collaborate and share insight, information with the people who are within this community. For example, you have two communities; one for partner support and another for customer support. A business/organization with various components can create multiple communities based on their needs i.e. clients or customers, partners, employees, support communities and so on.

miniorange img Benefits of Salesforce Communities

  1. Build Relationships and Collaborations: Salesforce communities can help improve communication and collaboration across teams. Open communication, data sharing, and more efficient dissemination of information can help break down walls and create coordination between departments. Employee communities allow team members to instantly share thoughts, data, and ideas.
  2. Create a branded Experience: Salesforce communities are highly customizable. Their look can be easily customized to keep it similar to your organization’s branding in order to serve as an extension of your online presence. This helps in enhancing your brand image by offering an intuitive, interactive, and engaging experience for your customers, employees, or partners.
  3. Integration friendly: The flexibility of the Salesforce community lets you connect data between disparate systems by creating integrations or creating custom APIs to other backend systems to give the right people access to the right data in real-time.
  4. User Control: Salesforce community provides a collaborative space that encourages data sharing and modification, communication and so on. The community portal allows employees to share files, participate in ongoing projects, etc. Partners can use this environment to reach an agreement on sales targets. Customers can easily access FAQs, search the knowledge base, or raise questions to other community members.

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miniorange img Single Sign-On for Multiple Salesforce Communities

    Users from multiple Salesforce Communities can Single Sign-On into your WordPress site using WordPress SAML SSO Plugin along with the miniOrange Salesforce Community add-on. The requirement arises for your users from Multiple Salesforce communities connected via. single Salesforce application to authenticate (Single Sign On) themselves for securely accessing the WordPress site.

miniorange img Streamlined SSO authentication for Salesforce Community Users

    When you configure Salesforce as an Identity Provider, each of the connected Salesforce communities has its own separate Metadata, with a separate Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Logout (SLO) URL. The role of the Salesforce Community SSO plugin is that it enables users from different communities to perform SSO without having to configure individual Salesforce Community Metadata repeatedly in the plugin.

    When a user from a particular community tries to Single Sign On into the WordPress site, they are redirected to their respective community login page for authentication and after successful authentication, they are given access to the WordPress site.

miniorange img Working of Single Sign-On solution for Multiple Salesforce Communities

    With the help of the Salesforce Community SSO plugin, Community users are able to log into the WordPress site by authenticating with their respective Community credentials.

    1. Different communities have different Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Logout (SLO) URLs which are mapped with the help of the Salesforce Community SSO plugin which redirects users to their respective Community Login page.
    2. When a community user tries to SSO into the WordPress site the WordPress SAML SSO plugin with Salesforce Community SSO plugin redirects the user to their Community login page.
    3. Once the user authenticates through their Salesforce Community login, they are redirected to the WordPress site.

    4. Salesforce Communities WordPress SSO login | Multiple Salesforce Communities

miniorange img How to setup SSO for multiple Salesforce Communities?

    Refer to the steps mentioned in the following link to configure the SAML app in Salesforce for WordPress Salesforce SSO setup.

    • To configure SSO for multiple Communities for your WordPress site you will need to install the Salesforce Community SSO plugin along with the SAML SSO plugin on your WordPress site.
    • Login as Salesforce administrator and navigate to SAML Login Information within your configured Salesforce SAML application via. Manage Connected Apps.

    • Salesforce Communities WordPress SSO login | For Communities
    • Click on Click on For Communities.
    • Copy the SP-Initiated Redirect Endpoint and Single Logout Endpoint of the Community you want to setup SSO with your WordPress site. This will be your Community’s SSO URL and Community’s SLO URL which you have to add to the plugin.

    • WordPress Multiple Salesforce Communities - SP initiated Redirect Endpoint & SLO URL
    • Now go to the Salesforce Community SSO plugin on the WordPress site and select your IDP from the dropdown.
    • Give a suitable Community Name and paste the Community’s SSO URL and Community’s SLO URL copied earlier from the Salesforce application.
    • Click on Save.

    • Salesforce Communities WordPress SSO login | Community Name
    • To add more Communities click on ADD A NEW COMMUNITY and repeat the same process (from copying Community’s SP-Initiated Redirect Endpoint and Single Logout Endpoint).

    • Salesforce Communities WordPress SSO login | Additional Communitiy
    • You can use these Community Login Links on your WordPress to initiate Single-Sign-On with the respective Salesforce Community.

    Thus, you have successfully configured Single Sign-On with Multiple Salesforce Communities using the Salesforce Community Plugin and WordPress SAML SSO Plugin.

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