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How to Sync Orders and Deals between Shopify and HubSpot?

The integration between Shopify and HubSpot using the miniorange HubSpot Shopify Sync app allows for seamless synchronization of orders and deals. This integration streamlines the process of managing customer orders and deals, ensuring that all relevant data is accurately and efficiently transferred between the two platforms.

With this integration, businesses can easily sync order data from Shopify to HubSpot as deal or HubSpot deal as an order in Shopify. This means that when a customer places an order on Shopify, all the relevant information, such as customer billing and shipping details, line items information, tax company and even custom properties, is automatically transferred and recorded in HubSpot. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that both platforms are always up to date with the latest order information.

our app also provides you to create automation workflows to add filters when to sync the data, so only if those conditions are fulfilled, the sync will go through. This helps you to control the data flow between apps as per your need.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

  • Install miniOrange HubSpot-Shopify App by Clicking here and Sign in with your HubSpot account.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration create connection
  • You will see the authorization window, choose your HubSpot account where you want to install the app and click on Choose Account button.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration create connection
  • You can now request access to your HubSpot account by clicking on the "Connect App" button. upon completion, you will be redirected to our app dashboard.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration create connection

Steps to configure Shopify and HubSpot Integration for Order and Deal Sync

Step 1: Steps to create connection between Shopify and HubSpot

  • To create a connection between HubSpot and Shopify, go to the HubSpot Shopify Sync App and click the Create Connection button on the Connection tab.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration create connection
  • Here, you will need to enter the Connection Name and select the Object Type which objects you are trying to sync, for syncing deals and order, you can choose the object type as order.
  • Click on Save & Next button.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration connection deatails
  • After saving the connection,you need to connect your Shopify store and HubSpot portal between which you want to enable the sync. So, as shown in the image, you need to add a new account and authorize or can choose from the existing connected portals/store. Click on Save & Next button.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration HubSpot Shopify Integration
  • Click on the Object Sync tab to map the HubSpot related properties with Shopify order related attributes. Our app directly pulls all the properties and attributes of your HubSpot and portal account which you can choose from the attributes dropdown which you want to sync for orders and deals for both apps.
  • You can add multiple attributes by clicking on the plus button. Then click the Submit button.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration
  • Your connection has been successfully created, you can view the list of connections here.
  • HubSpot Shopify Integration
  • You are now all set to sync the Shopify order as deals in HubSpot and HubSpot deals as orders in HubSpot in real-time seamlessly.

Step 2: Test how the sync work between your HubSpot and Shopify platform

      A] Sync Order from Shopify as a deal in HubSpot

    • Go to the Shopify store and place an order (you can create test orders).
    • HubSpot Shopify Integration
    • Check out your HubSpot portal deals, a new deal will be created or an existing one linked already will be updated.
    • HubSpot Shopify Integration

      B] Sync deal from HubSpot to Shopify as an order

    • Go to your HubSpot portal and create a deal.
    • HubSpot Shopify Integration
    • Now, check your Shopify store order section, you will see a new order is created or an existing one linked already will be updated.
    • HubSpot Shopify Integration

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