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WordPress Firestore Integration | Connect Cloud Firestore to WooCommerce

WordPress Firestore Integration | Connect Cloud Firestore to WooCommerce

The WordPress Firestore Integrator Plugin connects your Cloud Firestore to your WordPress site. Using Firestore Integrator, you can easily Integrate the Firebase cloud database with a WordPress site. There are different events on your WooCommerce site such as creating products, and orders placed by any customer. These details can be synced easily to the Firebase database and you can also display the data from Firebase cloud database on the WordPress site. Additionally, you can also check our WP Firebase Authentication plugin to enable WooCommerce Firebase Integrations and Firebase social login. Click here to learn more about the WordPress Firebase Authentication plugin.

A) Connect your Cloud Firestore database with your WordPress Site

1. Steps to Download Configuration File

Note: Before downloading the configuration file, you must set up cloud firestore into your firebase project.

  • Go to Firebase Project Console => Project Settings => Service Accounts and Download the Configuration File by clicking on the Generate New Private Key button.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup
  • After clicking on the Generate new private key button one JSON file is downloaded.

2. Upload the configuration file into the Firestore integrator plugin

  • To upload the configuration file Go to the Firestore Integrator plugin => Firestore Configuration tab. Choose the configuration file you have downloaded in the last step and click on the upload button.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup
  • You will receive a success message when the JSON file is successfully uploaded.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup

B) Setup WooCommerce product sync with Cloud Firestore

  • To ysnc all your WooCommerce products into your cloud firestore database, go to Firestore Integrator plugin => WooCommerce Product Sync tab.
  • You have to give the correct cloud firestore collection path, where you want to sync all your data.
    e.g. WooCommerce/Products/Data or WooCommerce are valid collection paths because here Woocommerce is considered as collection and products/data is considered as subcollection.
    If you give WooCommerce/Products as a path then this is the wrong path because it will consider the product as the document name and not a collection name.
    After giving a valid collection path, click on the Sync All WooCommerce Products button which will sync all product data into cloud firestore.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup

C) Setup WooCommerce Order sync with Cloud Firestore

  • Go to the Firestore Integrator plugin => WooCommerce order Sync tab to sync the order into your Cloud Firestore database whenever your WooCommerce store receives an order.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup

D) Setup to preview data from Cloud Firestore

  • To preview your Cloud Firestore data go to Firestore Integrator plugin =>Get Firestore Data. Give a valid path where all the data you want to display is stored and click on the preview button. You can see documents of your Cloud Firestore collection in the cards below.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup

E) Steps to create a shortcode

  • You can create a shortcode to display all your Cloud Firestore data on your WordPress Site. To create a shortcode, go to the Firestore Integrator plugin => Create Shortcode tab.
  • Note: To create a shortcode you must have to give a valid shortcode name, a valid Cloud Firestore path, where all the data you want to display is stored, and at least one mapping.

  • In the Custom Field Mapping section, you have to map fields in the format of the Column Name : Actual document field name.
    e.g. In the below screenshot, ID is the text you want to show as the column name on the display and product_id is the Cloud Firestore document field.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup
  • After successfully creating a shortcode, you will see a Test Configuration button, and by clicking on that you can see an output table as shown in the image below.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup
  • You can copy the shortcode and paste it on your WP page to display your data on WordPress Site.
  • wordpress-firestore-integrator-setup

With the WordPress Firestore Integrator plugin, you have configured the Firebase cloud database with your WordPress site. Now you can seamlessly sync your WordPress Site Data into your Cloud Firestore databases such as WooCommerce products, orders, and many more. We can customize the firebase cloud database synchronization for you if it is not listed already. Please email us at

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