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WooCommerce Order Notification & Email/SMS OTP Verification

WooCommerce Order Notifications & OTP Verification plugin allows you to send the SMS Notifications of the order status updates to the customers and administrator on your WooCommerce website.WooCommerce SMS Verification allows users to authenticate their login with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS. Send users an OTP Verification Code to verify them at login,registration,password reset,checkout and vendor registration.

In our WooCommerce Order Notifications & OTP Verification Plugin you can enable OTP Verification via WhatsApp as well as send custom messages & notifications on WhatsApp.

WooCommerce SMS/OTP verification & order status notifications for United States and worldwide


OTP Verification & SMS Notifications

Woocommerce SMS Notifications

The WooCommerce SMS Notifications feature allows you to send order status notifications,order complete notifications, stock notifications and vendor notification etc. to your customers and admin. With this functionality, you can keep your customers informed about their order status and delivery updates. This direct and immediate form of communication allows for prompt updates and increases transparency.

WooCommerce Forms Supported

We support OTP verification on all woocommerce form like WooCommerce login form, WooCommerce registration form, WooCommerce checkout form, WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WCFM) form, WooCommerce billing address form, WooCommerce Product Vendor registration form, and WooCommerce Social Login form are supported on our plugin.

OTP Verification

OTP Verification verifies users' phone numbers or email addresses by delivering an OTP during the login, registration, and checkout processes. It remove the possibility of users registering with fake Mobile Numbers/Email Addresses by enabling OTP Verification.

Custom SMS/Email Gateway

Our WooCommerce SMS notification and otp verification plugin supports custom gateway integration, allowing you to use your existing gateway for OTP verification. If you already have a gateway, you can use our OTP Verification Plugin with a custom gateway integration by simply selecting your registration form. This streamlines the user registration process, enhances security, and ensures a smooth user experience.

Woocommerce Order Status Updates

Send order status update notifications to your store customers, Communicate with them using automated order status notifications for every important order event. This transparency builds trust, reduces customer inquiries, and enhances their overall shopping experience.

OTP and SMS Notifications over WhatsApp

In WooCommerce SMS notification and otp verification plugin you can enable OTP Verification via WhatsApp as well as send custom messages & notifications on WhatsApp.Enables order status notifications, new account notifications and many more on WhatsApp.

OTP Verification on WCFM Forms

With our woocommerce order notification Plugin, you can easily verify your store vendors during the registration process on the WooCommerce Product Vendor Registration Form. This plugin is specifically designed to streamline the verification of vendors and ensure a secure registration experience.

WCFM Vendor Notifications

WCFM Vendor Notifications is a feature of WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WCFM) that enables sending SMS notifications directly to store vendors. With this functionality, you can easily keep your vendors informed about important status updates and events related to their products and orders.


Simple Pricing for Everyone

WC Notifications with miniOrange Gateway

10 Free SMS & Emails

Miniorange SMS Gateway

Woocommerce Order Notifications

Passwordless Login

Login with Phone

Login with Email address.

OTP Verification on Woocommerce Login, Registration Forms supported

Note:Country based SMS Pricing starting from 0.01 USD. To check country wise pricing click here: Pricing

WC Notifications with Custom Gateway


All features from Free Plan

Custom SMTP/HTTP SMS Gateway Supported

Twillio, MSG91 Gateway Supported

OTP Over Call with Twilio

WooCommerce Order Notifications

Woocommerce Stock Notifications

WC Notifications Premium


All features from Custom gateway Plan

Twilio, MSG91, AWS SNS Gateway Supported

OTP Verification on WooCommerce Forms supported

Premium Tags Supported

OTP verification on WCFM form

WCFM Vendor Notifications

OTP verification on Checkout WC Form

WooCommerce Password Reset form

Start-to-end Order Status Updates over SMS


Simplify your Shop and enhance your customers experience

Hassle Free Gateway

Want OTP verification but don't have your own SMTP/SMS gateway? Use the miniOrange gateway. Easy to use, stable, and no management required.


Our OTP Verification plugin easily plugs into your existing form to validate your user's email addresses/mobile numbers during registration. Verify users seamlessly by sending a One-Time Password (OTP) over SMS, email or WhatsApp when signing up.

Your Gateway

Use the custom gateway integration with our plugin, where you just need to choose the registration form and you’re good to go.

No Fake Users

Prevent users from logging in or registering using fake email IDs and phone numbers. Secure and stable user registration with quick SMS verification.


Need a custom feature you can’t find? No worries, we can add custom features for you. Easy and seamless configuration best suited to your needs.

Easy User Interface

Simple user interface. Just a few clicks and you are good to go with our Woocommerce Plugin. No coding required. Easy management straight from the plugin dashboard.


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The best OTP passwordless login plugin for Woocommerce

I spent quite a lot of time reviewing and testing one time pin plugins for my Woocommerce store. Some of them looked good, but didn’t integrate well with the returning customer login on the checkout page. This plugin works perfectly with Woocommerce on all login fields and any SMS gateway you choose. I’m using Twillio to send SMS notifications  Read Full Review

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Best plugin for WooCommerce For OTP Support

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly OTP plugin for WooCommerce, I highly recommend giving “Order Notification / SMS OTP Verification / Email OTP verification on WooCommerce” a try

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