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Personal 2FA

For individual requirement

2FA For 100 Users
Role-Based 2FA
Backup Login Methods Security Questions(KBA)
OTP Over Email
Backup Codes



For e-learning sites

For Unlimited Sites
Session Restriction
Prevent Credential Sharing Credential sharing is prevented through QR code authentication.


2FA For Membership

For membership sites

For Unlimited Users
Role Based 2FA And Custom Redirect Url
Session Restriction And Remember Device 2FA is skipped for the remembered device.


2FA For Ecommerce

For e-commerce website

For Unlimited Users
2FA On Checkout Forms
Remember Device
Passwordless Login Passwordless login with Phone


All Inclusive/Business

For big businesses

For Unlimited Users
All features in Basic 2FA, Ecommerce 2FA And
Membership 2FA plan
AJAX login form support


Custom Plan

Nothing out here matches your requirement?
Don't worry, we've got you covered.
Contact us for custom solutions
tailor-made for your rquirements.

2fa authentication - google authenticator - pricing plan

Plan Comparison

Features Basic 2FA/Personal 2FA 2FA For LMS 2FA For Membership 2FA For Ecommerce All Inclusive/Business
  Unlimited Sites
  Unlimited Users
Upto 100 Users
  Authentication Methods
  Passwordless Login
  White Labelling
  Custom SMS Gateway
  Backup Login Method
  Add ons
  Advance Wordpress Login Settings
  Multi-Site Support
Single-site Multiple Upto 3 subsites Upto 3 subsites Upto 3 subsites
  Language Translation Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the miniOrange 2FA plugin?

2FA is essential for WordPress security. Basically, anyone who wants to secure their WordPress site in a few easy steps should use the miniOrange Two-Factor authentication plugin.

Is the pricing yearly?

Yes, all of the plugin’s license plans are on a yearly subscription basis. You will be required to renew your license every year. We will also send you reminders a few weeks before the renewal comes due. You can buy a license for multiple years and renew it as well.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as PayPal payments.

Do I need coding skills to use 2FA Plugin?

No. You can use the plugin to its full potential without requiring any coding/technical knowledge. The in-built setup wizard and on-fly registrations make it quick and easy to use.

Which plans should I go for if I require ‘Unlimited users’?

We offer multiple plans that provide unlimited users. Depending on your needs, you can select any of the three plans we provide: Membership, E-commerce, and All-inclusive/Business.

Which plans should I go for if I require ‘Unlimited sites’?

Our LMS plan provides unlimited sites as its price calculation is user-based and you can use this across multiple websites as long as they cover the number of users who have 2FA configured

Can I upgrade my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your plan at any time. When you upgrade an existing plan you pay only the difference amount.

Does miniOrange offer technical support?

Yes, we provide 24*7 support for any and all issues you might face while using the plugin. This includes technical support and help with the plugin installation from our developers. You can get prioritized support based on the Annual Support Plan you have opted for. Check out the different Support Plans here.

What is the Enterprise support plan?

We always do our best to reply to your support requests as soon as possible, regardless of the support plan that you are paying for. However, support requests from users of the Enterprise support plan are given priority and they are guaranteed a reply within the first 6 to 8 hours during the normal business days (Monday to Friday)and 8 to 12 hours during weekends(Saturday and Sunday).

Does miniOrange store any user data?

Xecurify does not store or transfer any personal data, but in some cases depending on the service of the module, Xecurify uses the information collected from users. For example, your phone number and email address are used to send the one-time passcode. Xecurify stores the license information which is specific to each customer and based on the plans. Other personal information like email addresses, phone numbers, and company information is used for the purpose of billing and license information. Please refer to this documentation to learn about our data privacy clause.

What is the refund policy?

At miniOrange, we want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our product/module purchase. If the module you purchased is not working as advertised, and you've attempted to resolve any issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved, we will refund the whole amount given that you have raised a refund request within the first 10 days of the purchase. You are not eligible for the refund under all the following circumstances a) the plugin or the software is not working due to customer environmental changes b) you no longer require the plugin after the purchase c) you are not able to make any custom changes to the licensed plugin d) you have willingly purchased the plugin after taking the demo/trial from the support team and it does not fit into your requirements. Please email us at and for any queries regarding the return policy. Please email us at for any queries regarding the return policy or contact us here. You can refer to our Refund Policy.

Is it possible to use the same login and 2FA on multiple websites?

Yes, it is possible to configure the 2FA on the same login and use 2FA on multiple websites. For this, you can go with our LMS 2FA plan. Using this plugin you can install the plugin on all of your sites and once you set up 2FA on one site then it will get synced on all the sites. This plugin supports 2FA on the default WordPress login form.

Do you support custom login forms?

Yes! We support all types of Custom Login Forms in our Business Plan.

Can I use the license in my staging environment also for testing?

Yes, you can use the same license key in your staging and testing environment as well. You need to just free the license key from testing and can use the staging and vice versa.You can refer to this detailed guide for the steps.

Do you provide a developer license for the paid plugin?

We do not provide the developer license for our paid module, and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange. There are hooks provided in the module which can be used by the developers to extend the module's functionality.Please refer to our end user license agreement.

I still have Questions? Can you help?

Yes! You can ask us any question by getting in touch with us. Drop us your query at

Payment Methods

Credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) - If the payment is made through Credit Card/International Debit Card, the license will be created automatically once the payment is completed.

wordpress sso payment methods

Please contact us here or drop an email at for more information

  Bank Transfer

Please contact us here or drop an email at so that we can provide you the bank details.

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This is just what I needed. The support team was also fast and kind, when I needed a custom feature. Highly recommended!

It was quite easy to install an activate and so far I did not experience any problems. A lot of possibilities in the free version and more advanced features are paid. Fair!

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