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How to login to BuddyBoss Native app using Okta credentials?

How to login to BuddyBoss Native app using Okta credentials?

BuddyBoss is a premium WordPress plugin that allows users to create online communities on their websites, including engagement features like online forums and private groups. It also has options for private messaging and member connections, much like other social media platforms. It can integrate well with Learndash to create online courses. The BuddyBoss App is written in React Native, a cross-platform development framework that allows for the creation of native mobile apps for both Android and iOS using a single codebase. The goal here is to use Okta credentials to log into the BuddyBoss application and enable users to display their WordPress data on the application.


You have a WordPress site that hosts all of your content/data that your BuddyBoss community users can access via a native BuddyBoss application. This BuddyBoss app is connected to your WordPress site such that, your users are only able to access your WordPress site content after successfully authenticating via Okta.

Components involved

  1. The WordPress Okta Login Widget plugin allows effective sync of all your user details to your Native Application from WordPress with Okta as your Identity Provider.

  2. WordPress SAML SP plugin allows WordPress to act as the Service Provider, allowing the user using WordPress to access the Salesforce Community Login Page.

  3. WordPress Single Sign On SSO login with Azure, Azure B2C, Okta, ADFS, Keycloak, Salesforce, Ping, Onelogin, Gsuite, Shibboleth & many SAML IdPs [24/7 SUPPORT]


The workflow can be divided into two sections:

  • If a user accesses the data from a browser (Mobile or Web), the user should be able to access the site using Okta’s credentials.
  • If a user accesses the data from the BuddyBoss Native application (Mobile app).

In this document, we will be discussing the second scenario. You can check the document for the first case using this link.

WP BuddyBoss App login with Okta | WP SSO - BuddyBoss Okta flow
Connection between BuddyBoss Native application, WordPress site and Okta

WP BuddyBoss App login with Okta | WP SSO - WordPress Workflow
SSO into WordPress site using Okta credentials


Step 1: User data will be used to log into WordPress from Okta in real time and will act as a source of truth. The user will be pushed to WordPress using the SCIM protocol. You can follow the steps mentioned in this link to connect the Okta with WordPress using SCIM.

Step 2: Connect BuddyBoss with miniOrange Okta login widget plugin.

  1. The miniOrange Okta login widget will override the default authentication feature of the BuddyBoss plugin and will verify the username and password sent from the Native application from Okta instead of WordPress.
    • You can configure the plugin in such a way that the username and password can be validated from either WordPress OR Okta. You can configure the plugin to change the authentication source as well.
    • Once authenticated, users can view the content authorised for their WordPress Role in the BuddyBoss Native application.


Our solution allows the user to seamlessly Single Sign-On into the BuddyBoss Native application with the help of their IDP through the WordPress site and views the site content on the mobile application. With the help of WordPress, Okta Login Widget and WordPress SAML SSO plugin integration between Okta and BuddyBoss mobile application becomes immaculate with WordPress acting as a broker for verification of credentials.

If you have any custom requirement, please contact us at and we will help you achieve your use case.

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