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Key Features
WordPress User Sync - WordPress Firestore Integrator
WordPress User Sync

Transfer WordPress user meta to Cloud Firestore effortlessly with customizable options and automatic updates for seamless integration.

WooCommerce Product & Order Sync - WordPress Firestore Integrator
WooCommerce Product & Order Sync

Effortlessly synchronize WooCommerce products and orders with your Cloud Firestore database using the WooCommerce Product & Order Sync feature.

WooCommerce Subscription Sync - WordPress Firestore Integrator
WooCommerce Subscription Sync

Integrate WordPress user meta with Cloud Firestore. Sync subscription products and orders effortlessly with auto-sync option for new releases.

Fetch Data with Shortcode Integration - WordPress Firestore Integrator
Fetch Data with Shortcode Integration

Easily preview Cloud Firestore data on your WordPress site by providing the collection path and creating a shortcode through the plugin interface.

Our Pricing

$449/ year

Firebase Authentication Plugin
[All Enterprise Features]
Cloud Firestore Integration

What's included in the plan?

  • Display Firestore Collection Data
  • Shortcodes to Dynamic Display Firestore Data
  • Sync WordPress User Advanced profile to Firestore
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WordPress Firestore Integrator works in conjunction with WordPress Firebase Authentication Plugin. To access the Firestore Integrator, you must purchase the all-inclusive plan of the Firebase Authentication Plugin, after which the Firestore Integrator will be available as an addon.

If you wish to purchase multiple licenses, we offer bulk purchase discounts. For more information, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your plugin to provide access in my web and Android applications based on WooCommerce subscription status, and how does it work?
Yes, you can use our Firestore addon. It syncs WooCommerce subscription orders into a Firestore collection with their status. Your web and Android apps can check this collection to provide access. The status updates automatically, so no manual updates are needed.
What is included in the All-Inclusive Plan?
The All-Inclusive Plan includes an enterprise version of the WordPress Firebase Authentication plugin along with the WordPress Firestore Integrator Addon. This addon provides integration with WooCommerce for seamless synchronization of WooCommerce events with the Cloud Firestore database.
How should I specify the correct collection path in the Firestore integrator addon to make sure that all my data is synced correctly?
You need to provide the correct Cloud Firestore collection path where you want to sync all your data. For example, WooCommerce/Products/Data or WooCommerce are valid collection paths because here, WooCommerce is considered a collection, and Products/Data is considered a subcollection. If you specify WooCommerce/Products as a path, it will be incorrect because it will consider Products as a document name and not a collection name.
What data can I sync using the Firestore addon?
Currently, we can sync data such as WordPress user meta, WooCommerce subscription details, orders, and products.

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