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WP Tutor LMS Integrator | Tutor LMS SSO

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Scim User Sync for Moodle | Attribute Mapping

Tutor group mapping

Map the IdP group information of your users to the Tutor groups.

Scim User Sync for Moodle | Real time provisioning

SSO for Tutor users

Enable SSO on your WordPress site for your Tutor users.

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Automated Course Access with WordPress SSO and Tutor Integrator

  1. Tutor Integrator allows your SSO users to access the particular course on your website without having to manually add that user to the course.Let’s consider the scenario. All the school users use Classlink credentials to login into the WordPress Tutor LMS site where on the site, they can access different courses based on their school class.
  2. The BuddyBoss Mobile app currently provides login functionality through the WordPress. To expand the login capabilities and enhance user experience, we aim to integrate the app with Azure, allowing users to authenticate using their existing Azure credentials.
  3. So here, WordPress admins do not need to manually add the users to the course. This is automatically handled by using our WordPress OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin along with the Tutor Integrator add-on.

WP Tutor Lms Integrator

Follow the step by step guide to configure Turor Integrator Addon with OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO) Plugin

    idp_sso_image1 miniOrange Tutor Integrator allows you to map the Tutor groups based on the attributes sent by the Identity Provider.

    • Go to the miniOrange WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin. Select your OAuth provider from the list.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Complete the OAuth Provider configuration setup by referring to the setup guides from here. After you have saved the settings. Click on Test Configuration button. You can see the Attribute name and its value in the test configuration table.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Scroll down and go to the Role Mapping section. From your test configuration table, map the Group Attribute Name. (Refer to the below image)
    • Click on the Save Mapping button to save your mapping.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Now, go to the Tutor Integrator add-on.
    • Select the OAuth Provider from the dropdown list whose role you want to configure with Tutor and click on the Select button.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon  OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)
    • If you want the Tutor groups to be mapped only on the first SSO login and you do not want to change the groups even if their IDP groups change then you can enable the Do not update existing users groups setting.
    • For Default Role option, select the Tutor group for the user coming from the IDP. If you have not provided any mapping for any of the users, the default group will be assigned to them.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon  OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Click on ADD A NEW GROUP NAME link. Select the Tutor group name from the dropdown and Under the IDP group name, enter the user's role from your IDP. You can add multiple group names by clicking on the plus button.
    • Click on the Save button.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Perform the sso on your site and now you can see the user is added to the respective Tutor group.
    • Tutor Integrator Addon OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO)

miniorange img  Recommended plugin

Download the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin using the following link.:

WordPress SSO Single Sign On with Azure, Azure B2C, Cognito, WHMCS, Okta, Ping, Clever, Keycloak, many OAuth & OpenID Providers [24/7 SUPPORT]

 Tested with 5.9.1
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