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How to show SharePoint Custom Columns on WordPress site?

SharePoint is a vital part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and provides a centralized system that allows secure storage and easy retrieval of documents, files, videos and other types of content. SharePoint’s real-time syncing capability ensures that any updates you make in SharePoint will instantly reflect in the WordPress media library and WordPress site. Consider the following use case with WordPress, where custom columns are to be added for different types of documents in SharePoint, and column details will be displayed on the WordPress site.


In this case, we have a judiciary site that wants to display their case details with additional information like crime type, next hearing date and location, victim name, etc. on their WordPress site. This additional information is to be added and stored in custom columns of the different folders within the Documents tab on the SharePoint site.


Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents Premium plugin is used to sync any file/document/video with information from SharePoint to WordPress in real-time. You can download the free version to check basic functionality from the link given below.

WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents plugin allows you to embed sharepoint documents/files on your wordpress site.

Note: If you want the Premium or Enterprise version of the plugin, you can purchase it from here.


In this scenario, we aim to display additional case details stored in SharePoint’s custom columns that are created within their respective folders on the WordPress site in real time by establishing a successful connection between WordPress and SharePoint using the Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents Premium plugin. The solution for this is implemented as follows:

Display SharePoint Custom Columns on WP site | Workflow
  1. Case details will be stored by adding custom columns with values i.e. case type, next hearing date and location, victim name, etc. in their respective case folders within the Documents tab in the SharePoint site.
  2. Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents plugin has the functionality of embedding any type of document using a shortcode on any WordPress Page. The selected columns within the plugin will be displayed on the WordPress site using the shortcode generated by the plugin.
  3. This shortcode can be copied and pasted into the desired web page to display the case details on the WordPress site.

Note: The plugin can also be configured to sync a selected SharePoint drive from the SharePoint to WordPress media library (continuously) after the specified/selected time interval in the plugin.


With the Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents Premium plugin, you can easily display case details from SharePoint on your Judiciary WordPress site. It also simplifies the process of syncing files from SharePoint to the WordPress Media Library at specific intervals.

This plugin ensures smooth integration between WordPress and SharePoint, allowing for seamless syncing of form data from WordPress to SharePoint folders. It supports popular form plugins like Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, and Contact Form 7, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

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