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 WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education

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Integrate your University/Institution with any of the WordPress LMS (LearnDash, MemberPress, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) or third party Applications to provide a remote environment for your students to conveniently access resources according to their access level.

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WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education - Single IDP for Multiple Sites

Central IDP Login for Multiple Sites of a College/University

  • Consider a University/College having two websites - 1 for academic resources and 1 for student profiles.
  • In this case, if the student logins into any one of the sites he/she will be able to access both the sites seamlessly without the process of re-authentication.
  • Our WordPress SAML SSO plugin allows Single Sign-On for schools or universities having multiple WordPress sites (or multiple subsites within a single domain) with users existing in a single IDP.

Multiple IDP Login for Central College/University Site

  • In this case, consider the main university having multiple colleges each of which has its own Identity Provider for managing user identities. The University has a central site that contains all the University resources beneficial for the students of the different colleges associated with that University.
  • This solution enables schools/colleges using different Identity Providers the ability to Single Sign-On into a central WordPress site using their respective IDPs.
  • Here, WordPress Single Sign-On for schools / universities etc would help in authenticating users from multiple Identity Providers into the central WordPress University site by using a single set of credentials.
WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education - Multiple IDPs for a Central Page
WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education - Federated SSO

Federated Single Sign-On for Education Institutes

  • In this case University is linked to different applications/platforms with resources relevant not just to students but to teachers as well.
  • What Federated Single Sign-On does is that it enables the users residing of Universities/Schools on the WordPress site to authenticate with their IDP to access the resources in these external applications/platforms.
  • In easier words, it enables users to login into multiple applications on different domains.

User Provisioning / Deprovisioning

WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education - SSO

Easy onboarding and off-boarding

Easy on-boarding and off-boarding by the creation of user profiles with attributes such as username, email, job role and so on

WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education - SSO

Streamlined user data management

Easy provision and restriction of access to resources basuni on the status of their association with the university/institution

WordPress SSO login for Educational Institutes | SSO for education - SSO

Increase in security

Deprovisioning of users upon exit from the university/institution safeguarding its resources

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