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How to Setup Custom Redirect URL Password policy Manager on WordPress

How to Setup Custom Redirect URL Password policy Manager on WordPress

Password policy Manager includes user’s password management features like auto password expiration, one click password reset, Enforce strong password, role-based password policy, Enforce strong password for inactive users, password history management and many more. Weak passwords are the primary perpetrator of WordPress hack assaults. To fix this issue, a password policy Manager was developed, password policy will help administrators ensure that their users use strong passwords. Its password strength meter enables you to know the strength of your users’ passwords then you can enforce password change, and you can force them to use strong passwords by configuring a strong password policy for them.

You can download Password Policy Manager plugin using the following link:

add-wordpress sso download plugin

Easy to manage password policies and enforce your user to use a strong password with a user password manager, password expiration, one-click reset of …

 Tested with 5.9.3

Follow these steps for Custom Redirect URL Password policy:

  • Click on the miniOrange Password Policy plugin from the left menu.
  • custom redirect login  URL in password policy manager
  • Click on the Advance Settings tab button.
  • Custom redirect url miniOrange advance setting  password policy manager
  • Now, custom redirect login URL in password reset page. These settings will be redirected to log in URL. You can choose any Roles.
  • Click on the Administrator checkbox button.
  • Enter any custom URL Name.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  •  custom redirect login URL in password reset page Administrator
  • Enter your WordPress credentials in Password policy, and now try to log in.
  • wordPress Login password policy manager
  • We have successfully to open custom redirect path : WordPress miniOrange redirect link.
  • Custom redirect url miniOrange wordpress password policy manager
  • After Password reset form.
  •  Custom redirect url submit
  • Enter your WordPress credentials and click on the login button.
  •  wordPress login page
  • After weak password, open reset page.
  • Enter the Old password, New password, and verify the new password.
  • Click on the Change Password button.
  • custom redirect url reset password page
  • We have successfully changed the password.
  • custom redirect url reset password page save successfully
  • Enter your new WordPress credentials and click on the login button.
  •  wordpress login
  • We have successfully login WordPress.
  • custom redirect url ope wordPress dashboard

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