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miniOrange WPEngine Partnership – Special Offers for WPEngine Customers

miniOrange WP partners Secure Single Sign-On for WP Engine Hosting for both Single site as well as Multisite Network

miniOrange WP partners Login into WP Engine hosted site or multi-site network using Multiple Identity Providers

miniOrange WP partners Support for easy migration between dev staging and prod

miniOrange WP partners Seamless syncing of users from providers such as  Salesforce,  Azure AD/B2C, WordPress etc.

miniOrange WP partners Automatic and real-time provisioning of user data using  SCIM

miniOrange WP partners SSO provision for users into a  Headless WordPress environment

miniOrange WP partners 24x7 support for customers

miniOrange WP partners Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress

WordPress Partners Program | WordPress Solutions

Earn Discounts on the following products License purchase

miniOrange offers WP Engine customers with a significant license discount per year. If you purchase even as few as 1 instance, you can earn an extra discount to increase your unified access management even more. See the offers below for a list of pricing and how they can increase your discount as your tier increases

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Special Discount for WP ENGINE customers!

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Online World Interaction


Digital experiences are powered by WP Engine.


Attacks blocked every day for WP Engine customers.


Customers in 150 Countries


Information within our infrastructure and systems will only be accessible by authorized users


Data and information within our infrastructure cannot be tampered with by any unauthorized user

Easy management

Using SSO synchronizes passwords and user information, which makes access to different platforms and resources easier

Automatic Provisioning

Once you have achieved the hosting of your new sites on the WPEngine, one of the easiest ways is by tying in authentication to the site creation process

Auto Create Users

Information within our infrastructure and systems will only be accessible by authorized users

Protect Site

Users trying to access WordPress will be redirected to the SAML compliant Identity Provider for Single Sign-On SSO

Select Binding Type

Select HTTP-Post or HTTP-Redirect binding type to use for sending SAML Requests with our WordPress Single Sign On (SAML SSO) plugin

Multi-site Support

Multi-Site environment is one which allows multiple subdomains / subdirectories to share a single installation.

miniOrange WP partners
Plugin and customer service are great!

II set up this plugin for a SSO demo using Salesforce Experience Cloud as the Identity Provider. I ran into an issue but Prashant Khurana came to me rescue. All is working as expected. Thank you!

Great Plugin & good support

We needed to integrate three Microsoft Azure ActiveDirectory tenants with WordPress. From the first moment, the support of Xecurify helped. The installation and quality of the plugin, the documentation and the availability of the support team for setting up everything was awesome! I can absolutely recommend it!

Feature rich plugin + excellent support!

Easy to implement because of lots of tutorials.Most IDPs are supported. Built-in debug tools. Free plan available. A login widget is available.Simply works! Special thanks to Prashant Khurana.

Great Support – Gaurav Went beyond the call of duty

Hi Everyone, Gaurav went beyond the call of duty in resolving our issue. He was very patient and we got our problem resolved in one phone call.

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miniOrange WP partners

This AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is entered into as of (the “Effective Date”) by Xecurify INC with office at 1621 Central Ave,Cheyenne, WY 82001 and , a [jurisdiction] corporation withoffices at (“EndUser”) and describes the terms and conditions pursuant to the Services (as defined below) available for re-sale by Reseller.

  • The Discount is applicable to WP Engine customers who hosted their sites newly and for the existing customers of WP Engine who haven't opted for any licenses from miniOrange.
  • For the existing customers of miniOrange and WP Engine, who want to purchase the new license keys, kindly reach out to
  • A WordPress license key refers to a single installation of a WordPress site. It refers to each individual website where the plugin is active. In the case of a single site WordPress, each website will be counted as a single instance.
  • License is linked to the domain of the WordPress instance, so if you have a dev-staging-prod type of environment then you will require 3 licenses of the plugin (with discounts applicable on pre-production environments).
  • Purchasing licenses for Unlimited instances will grant you upto 200 licenses. If you want to purchase more licenses, please contact us here or drop an email at
  • WordPress Multisite is a feature that allows you to create a “network” of subsites within a single instance of WordPress, where the subsites share a file system and database. There are two types of multisite environments - subdomain (Example: and subdirectory (Example:
  • There is an additional cost for the number of subsites in Multisite Network since the Multisite licenses are based on the total number of subsites in your WordPress Network.
  • Multiple IDP support allows you to enable authentication on your site from multiple IDPs. For example - If your users exist in Azure AD as well as Okta, then you can opt for the multiple IDP Plugin and allow user authentication from either IDP. We support SSO authentication from multiple Identity Providers in our Enterprise and All-Inclusive versions of the plugin. You can check out more details of the multiple IDP flow from here.
  • Note: There is an additional cost for the IdPs if the number of IdP is more than one.
  • For more information regarding the license for giving the user the right to use an application, kindly refer to : User license agreement
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