Moodle Single Sign On

miniOrange SAML Single Sign on (SSO) plugin acts as a SAML Service Provider which can be configured to establish the trust between the plugin and a SAML capable Identity Providers to securely authenticate the user to the Moodle site.

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Key Features

Protect Your Complete Site

With miniOrange moodle single sign on plugin you can restrict your site to only logged in users by redirecting the users to your IdP if logged in session is not found

Login Page

Allows Auto-redirect to IDP from login page even user using multiple service provider.

Widget/Shortcode to add IDP Login

Add a link or button anywhere on your Moodle site to allow user to authenticate via their Identity Provider.

Single Logout

Allows user to logout once from any service provider even user handling multiple service provider.

Multiple IDP's Supported

Configuration of multiple IDP's to authenticate the different group of users with different IDP's.

Attribute Mapping

Helps you to get user attributes from your IdP and map them to Moodle user attributes like firstname, lastname with support for custom attributes

Role Mapping

Helps you to assign specific roles to users of a certain group in your IdP

Plans For Everyone

  • FREE

  • Unlimited Authentications
  • Basic Attribute Mapping

  • Basic Role Mapping
  • Widget to add IDP Login Link on your site
  • Step-By-Step Guide to Setup your IdP

  •  Support

    Basic Email Support

  • Upgrade Now
  • Unlimited Authentications
  • Advanced Attribute Mapping (Username, Email, First Name, Last Name)
  • Custom Attribute Mapping
  • Advanced Role Mapping
  • Widget to add IDP Login Link on your site
  • Step-By-Step Guide to Setup your IdP
  • Support for sites behind reverse-proxy
  • Auto Redirect to IDP from Login Page
  • SAML Single Logout
  • End to End Single Sign-On Setup with IdP
  •  Support

    Premium Support Plans