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Integrate Salesforce with Paid Memberships Pro – Sync PMPro data with Salesforce

Integrate Salesforce with Paid Memberships Pro – Sync PMPro data with Salesforce

Integrate Salesforce with Paid Memberships Pro. Create a deep connection between PMPro and Salesforce to truly integrate your WordPress PMPro site with your Salesforce CRM. The WordPress Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin allows you to enable bidirectional sync between Salesforce and Paid Memberships Pro, that syncs all PMPro data such as customers data, roles, membership levels, etc. (WordPress objects) to their equivalent Salesforce objects.

Our Salesforce Sync plugin enables seamless WP PMPro integration and provides features such as real-time sync, scheduled sync, batch sync, ad-hoc sync, so that all your data integrity is retained in real-time.

The following guide outlines the detailed steps for how to connect Salesforce with Paid Memberships Pro in a typical Salesforce PMPro integration use case scenario.


To enable Sync between WordPress and Salesforce, you need to configure Salesforce Object Sync plugin which is available in the given link.

WordPress Salesforce Object Sync | Sync Salesforce Objects bidirectionally with WordPress. Enable real-time sync, scheduled sync, Salesforce Sync with Workflows Automation, sync leads from WordPress to Salesforce, Salesforce ACF/CPT UI integrations, and more.

Steps to Configure Salesforce Sync with Paid Membership Pro

  • To configure Salesforce user/details sync with Paid Membership Pro you have to configure Salesforce Sync plugin. To configure Object Sync for Salesforce plugin follow the steps given here.
  • Note: Premium version of the plugin is required to configure Salesforce Sync with Paid Membership Pro.

  • Navigate to the Object Mapping tab of the plugin and click on Add Object Mapping.

  • Salesforce PMPro Integration | Add Object Mapping
    Mapping Label Enter any string of your choice.
    Note: Please make sure that no two mappings have the same mapping label.
    Salesforce Object Select a salesforce object from the dropdown
    WordPress Object Here you can select any PMPRO object
    Note: Please remember that names of all paid membership pro objects have the prefix “pmpro”.
    Primary Key Select any field from the drop-down in which you want to store Salesforce Object Id.
    Note: If you want to store Salesforce Object Id in any custom meta key you can select “__custom__” from the drop-down.
    Sync Direction Enable “Sync from WordPress to Salesforce” or “Sync from Salesforce to WordPress” according to your requirement
    Advanced Configuration Enable triggers depending upon your requirement.

    Salesforce PMPro Integration | Mapping Configuration
  • Under the Object Mapping section you can map all the fields of selected paid membership pro object with the fields of selected salesforce object.

  • Salesforce PMPro Integration | Object Attribute Mapping
  • After creating the mapping, click on Save.
  • Now whenever an operation will be performed on your configured paid membership pro object, the sync operation will trigger depending on the triggers enabled by you.
  • Now, just create an order using paid membership pro plugin.

  • Connect Salesforce with PMPro | Billing Details
  • When the order gets created at that time sync to salesforce operation happens and the created order is synced to Salesforce.

  • Connect Salesforce with PMPro | Order Details

    Note: Direction of Sync (i.e. Sync from Salesforce to WordPress or Sync from WordPress to Salesforce) and trigger of sync depends upon the configuration done while creating the mapping between Salesforce object and Paid Membership Pro objects.

You have successfully configured Salesforce Object Sync for your Paid Membership Pro users.


Integrating your Paid Memberships Pro data with Salesforce allows you to maximize your efficiency and fully make use of the capabilities of the Salesforce CRM and lead generation advantages. This can be achieved with WordPress Salesforce Object Sync plugin, which syncs all the PMPro data such as customer details, roles, membership levels, etc. with their Salesforce objects. You have successfully configured Salesforce Object Sync for your Paid Membership Pro users.

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