Configure WordPress – Salesforce Bi-directional Object Data Sync

Configure WordPress – Salesforce Bi-directional Object Data Sync

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

To configure Salesforce Sync with WordPress, you will need to install the Sync WordPress object to Salesforce object plugin:

Salesforce & WordPress – Integrate | Enable Object Data Synchronization

 Tested with 5.8.2

Steps to configure WordPress Salesforce Object Sync plugin:

1. Configure Salesforce App

Follow the steps below to configure Salesforce Object

  • Go to Salesforce login page and login as an Administrator.
  • You will be represented with the home screen of Salesforce.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - Home Screen
  • Under the PLATFORM TOOLS section, navigate to the Apps in the left menu.
  • Select the App Manager option.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - AppManager
  • In the same window, head to the top right corner and select the option New Connected App to create new application.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - NewApp
  • Fill the required information in below boxes.
  • Under the API (Enable OAuth Settings), check the option of Enable OAuth settings.
  • Configure
  • Inside the Callback URL block, enter your WordPress URL.
  • Note: Make sure that URL must be present in https:// format.

  • Under the Available OAuth Scopes users have to select Access and manage your data (api) and Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access) options then click on SAVE.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - Callbackurl
  • Now the user will be prompted with the confirmation page, click on Continue and move on next page.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - Continue
  • After this user will be able to view the app they configured, keep the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret handy you will need it while configuring the plugin.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - Consumerkey

    You have successfully configured Salesforce app for achieving Salesforce Object Sync into your WordPress Site.

2. Configure WP Salesforce Object Sync plugin

  • Navigate to the WP object Salesforce Sync plugin.
  • Under the tab Manage Application, paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the Salesforce App.
  • Application ID Paste the Consumer Key from Salesforce App.
    Client Secrets Paste the Consumer Secret from the Salesforce App.
    Redirect URI Enter the Callback URLfrom the Salesforce App.
    Scopes api refresh_token
    Configure Salesforce - WordPress Object Sync plugin- Manageapp
  • Click on Save then Authorize.

3. Field Mapping

  • Under the Field Mapping tab, in the Salesforce Object dropdown select that Salesforce Object where you want your WordPress record to be sync and shown.
  • In the Username and Email field, select the attribute you want to get sync as username and email from dropdown and click on Save.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- Field Mapping

4. Test Connection

  • Inside the Manage Application section, under the Test Connection tab from the dropdown select the user you want to push to the salesforce record and click on PUSH.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- testconfig
  • The user will be created in the Salesforce Object you chose in previous step. If the user already exists then it will get updated.
  • Navigate to the Salesforce, under the Object Manager search the Salesforce object you have chosen and click on that object.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- leadobject
  • Now to view the record which you have sync from WordPress into the Salesforce object you have to switch the display to Salesforce Classic mode.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- classicmode
  • You can view your record into the Salesforce object you have chosen.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- result

You have successfully configured WordPress (WP) Salesforce Object Sync.

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