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Configure WordPress – Salesforce Bi-directional Object Data Sync

Configure WordPress – Salesforce Bi-directional Object Data Sync

Object Data Sync For Salesforce plugin synchronizes WordPress objects with selected object/record in Salesforce and keeps Salesforce object/record in sync with the WordPress.
Here we will go through a guide to configure WordPress - Salesforce Bi-directional Object Data Sync.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

To configure Salesforce Sync with WordPress, you will need to install the Sync WordPress object to Salesforce object plugin:

The plugin allows WordPress objects (post, page, user, blog) Objects and Salesforce objects to map one another. The records in Salesforce objects will be created/updated/deleted when the data in WordPress (WP) is saved.

 Tested with 6.0.0

WordPress Salesforce Object Sync along with seamless integrations with other environments and applications

Salesforce Integrations

Integrate WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and any other third party app with Salesforce, for seamless SSO and Object / data synchronization.

Steps to configure WordPress Salesforce Object Sync plugin:

1. Configure Salesforce App

It can also be called as One Click Authorization mechanism. In this method of authorization you don't need client credentials (like Consumer Key or Consumer Secret) to connect to Salesforce.

  • Click on Get Started button of Automatic (Pre-Integrated App) section.
  • Select your Salesforce Environment to determine salesforce URL. If you have a custom URL select the last option.
  • Now, click on Save Selected Environment button to save your environment.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - connected app
  • Now click on Connect to Salesforce button.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - connected app
  • You will be prompted to enter your salesforce credentials, once entered, you will be asked certain permissions, please click on Allow to connect to Salesforce.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - Allow Access
  • After clicking Allow you will be successfully connected to Salesforce.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - Successful
  • Now, to prevent refresh token from expiring go to your Salesforce account and navigate to Setup » Connected Apps OAuth Usage and click Install.
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - App
miniorange img Refresh Token Policy for Automatic (Pre-connected App)
  • By default miniOrange is installed with an indefinite refresh token. However, we have seen some Salesforce apps with different security policies that cause the miniOrange app to get installed with a temporary refresh token. That means that when the refresh token expires, you’ll need to click the Reauthorize With Salesforce link again. To fix this, head to Settings » Connected Apps » miniOrange and make sure the Refresh
  • Configure Salesforce for Object sync - refresh token

You have successfully configured Salesforce app for achieving Salesforce Object Sync into your WordPress Site.

2. Object Mapping

  • Under the Object Mapping tab, you can click on the Add Object Mapping button to add a new Object mapping.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- Object Mapping
  • In the first section titled Select WordPress Object select the WordPress object to be synced from the dropdown.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- Object Mapping
  • In the second section titled Select Sync Direction select the direction in which you want to enable the sync.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- Object Mapping
  • In the third section titled Select Salesforce Object select the Salesforce object to be synced from the dropdown.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- Object Mapping
  • In the fourth section titled Map WordPress Fields to Salesforce fields we will be mapping the fields of Salesforce objects with WordPress.
  • You can click the Add Salesforce Field button to add a new mapping record.
  • To configure the mapping select the Salesforce field in the left dropdown and select the WordPress attribute in the right dropdown. You can add as many fields as you require.
  • If you don't require a field map you can simply press the button next to it to delete it.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- Object Mapping
  • Finally, you can click the Save Object Mapping button available in this section to save the entire mapping.

3. Test Connection

  • After configuring the mapping, navigate to the Object Mapping Tab of the plugin.
  • Scroll down to Test Connection section, under the Test Connection tab from the dropdown select the user you want to push to the salesforce record and click on PUSH.
  • WP object Salesforce Sync- testconfig
  • The user will be created in the Salesforce Object you chose in previous step. If the user already exists then it will get updated.

You have successfully configured WordPress (WP) Salesforce Object Sync.

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