SAML WordPress Recommended Add-ons

Recommended Add-ons

SCIM User Provisioning

SCIM User Provisioning allows you to sync user's creation, updation and deletion from your IDP to WordPress site

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Page and Post Restriction

Page and Post Restriction plugin restricts WordPress pages and posts based on User Roles and User's Login Status

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BuddyPress Integrator

Allows to integrate user attribute information received from SAML Identity Provider with the user's BuddyPress profile

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Learndash Integrator

LearnDash Integration will map the SSO users to LearnDash groups as per the user group attributes sent by your Identity Provider

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Attribute Based Redirection

Attribute Based Redirection plugin can be used to restrict and redirect users to different URL's based on SAML attributes

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Federation Single Sign On

Federation SSO allows configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) support for multiple IDPs and authenticating with different IDPs using SAML protocol

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SSO Login Audit

SSO Login Audit captures and tracks all the SSO users and generates reports

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