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Salesforce CPT UI (Custom Post Type) & ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) integration | Salesforce WordPress Integration Scheduled Sync

Salesforce CPT UI (Custom Post Type) & ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) integration | Salesforce WordPress Integration Scheduled Sync

Salesforce provides an efficient mechanism to store various kinds of data using custom objects by creating different fields for them as per your requirements, but businesses need this data to be displayed on their front-facing WordPress sites. To achieve this, data needs to be synced between Salesforce objects and WordPress custom posts.

The Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin allows you to sync data between custom Salesforce objects and custom WordPress posts and allows you to schedule these sync with the time interval of your choice this makes sure that all the data presented in WordPress is always in sync with the Salesforce data


1. You have a WordPres site and you have created the Custom post type and Custom fields for the post using CPT UI and ACF plugin respectively.

2. You want to sync between Custom post types and Custom objects in Salesforce.


  • Data from the Custom Salesforce Objects should be synced to WordPress in the form of the Custom Post Type.
  • Ability to sync multiple Custom Salesforce objects to Custom Post types and Custom Post fields.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

Note: You will need the Premium version of the plugin to implement the below solution. You can download the free version of the plugin using the link mentioned below

To configure Object Data Sync for Salesforce please download the following plugin

The plugin allows WordPress objects (post, page, user, blog) fields and Salesforce objects to map one another. The records in Salesforce objects will be created/updated/deleted when the data in WordPress (WP) is saved.

 Tested with 5.9.2

To get the premium plugin, please contact us at

Configuring CPT UI and ACF Integration with Salesforce CRM

  • First using the CPT UI plugin we will create a Custom Post Type.
  • Navigate to the CPT UI plugin and in the Add new Post Type tab fill the required fields for the post type and click Add Post Type.
  • Salesforce WordPress Integration | CPT UI / ACF integration with Salesforce | Add new post type
  • Now as we have created the custom post type we will use the ACF plugin to add custom fields to the post type.
  • Navigate to the ACF plugin, in the Field Groups tab and click on Add new.
  • On the next page add all the fields you want in the field group.
  • To apply this field group to the custom post type you created, use the dropdowns in the location section on the same page.
  • Salesforce WordPress Integration | CPT UI / ACF integration with Salesforce | select field group
  • Now add a dummy post of that custom post type in WordPress with all the fields populated so that the plugin can read its custom field list.
  • Salesforce WordPress Integration | CPT UI / ACF integration with Salesforce | Custom field list
    Setting up the Salesforce connection
    • To connect the plugin to Salesforce you can follow the first 2 steps in this guide.
    • Once done please follow the steps below to configure the Scheduled pull from Salesforce.
    Configuring the field mapping
    • Navigate to the Field Mapping tab in the plugin and click on the Add Field Mapping Button.
    • In the first section titled Mapping Configuration provide a suitable mapping label (make sure to add a unique label for each mapping) and select your Salesforce and WordPress objects that you intend to map.
    • In the WordPress Object please select the required post type.
    • For the Scheduled pull to work make sure to enable the Sync from Salesforce to WordPress toggle as shown below.
    • Salesforce WordPress Integration | CPT UI / ACF integration with Salesforce | Scheduled Pull
    • Under the WordPress Object Attribute Mapping section, we will be mapping the Salesforce fields with WordPress object fields.
    • Click the Add Attribute button to add a field mapping. You can configure as many field mappings as you need.
    • Salesforce Fields are listed on the left and WordPress Attributes are listed in the right drop-down list.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: ACF creates 2 fields for each custom field that you create, for example, if you create a field titled checkbox ACF will create 2 fields titled checkbox and _checkbox.

    Make sure to map the field without"_" in the beginning i.e the checkbox field.

    • Once you configure the field mapping scroll down and click the Save button.
    • For Salesforce to WordPress sync, you don't have to configure the 3rd Section in the plugin.
    • The mapping will look as similar to the picture below:
    • Salesforce WordPress Integration | CPT UI / ACF integration with Salesforce | Field mapping
    Configuring Scheduled Automation Sync
    • Once you have configured All the field mapping we can now go ahead and set up the scheduled pull.
    • Navigate to the Manage Application tab.
    • Scroll down to the Scheduled Sync section.
    • Enable the toggle and select the Sync Duration according to your need.
    • Click on the Save button.
    • Salesforce WordPress Integration | CPT UI / ACF integration with Salesforce | Click on save
    • Note: When you click on the save button for the first time then an initial sync will take place. Afterward, the sync will run periodically as per the duration selected by you.
    • If you want to stop the scheduled sync you can simply disable the Toggle and click save again.

    The WordPress Object Sync for Salesforce plugin facilitates mapping of the Salesforce objects to the respective objects in WordPress. This allows for all the mapped objects to sync changes in the data from Salesforce to reflect the same in WordPress.

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