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Setup NFT Loyalty on your WordPress Site

NFT Marketplace and Loyalty Rewards allows you to reward your users with NFTs upon making purchases from your WooCommerce store. User retention and incentivisation loops are crucial elements for making any ecommerce platform successful. Using our plugin, you can set up an NFT Collection that will serve as your reward NFTs.

When a user proceeds from the cart page to the checkout page in your store, they will be prompted to select an NFT from this collection as a reward. On checkout, they will be prompted to enter their crypto wallet. Upon successful completion of the order, the NFT will be transferred to their crypto wallet, completely free of cost!

Steps 1: Configure Loyalty on your WordPress site

  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on the miniOrange NFT Marketplace plugin.
  • Configure Loyalty on your WordPress site-plugin
  • Click on the NFT Marketplace Configuration tab and then select the Add Details Option. Here you can add the NFT Collection Contract that you wish to Mint the NFTs to. You can watch our youtube video for more details on how to Add NFT Marketplace Configuration Details.
  • Configure Loyalty on your WordPress site-add-details
  • Now, click on the IPFS Configuration tab and select the Add Details Option. Add the IPFS Metadata CID of your NFT Collection against the NFT Contract that you configured in the previous step.
  • Configure Loyalty on your WordPress site-ipfs add details
  • In the Filter Settings tab, you can add the Attributes for your NFT Collection which you want to show up in the NFT Reward Modal.
  • Configure Loyalty on your WordPress site filter-settings
  • Now, when your users proceed from the cart page to the checkout page in your WooCommerce store, they will view a modal with your NFTs. They will be able to select their reward NFT and that NFT will be transferred to them after successful order completion.
  • Configure Loyalty on your WordPress site-cart page
  • Now that you have rewarded your users with an NFT, they can use this to access several premium features on your website such as discounts, membership benefits, exclusive content and events. In order to create the perfect Web3 ecosystem for your users, we have a plugin, WordPress Web3 Authentication and Token Gating (Link), which will enable you to perform NFT token gating and complete the incentivization loop for your users.

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